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TS Plze in lower hands to the bottom. Tovrova slides, boxes with valuable archive disappeared unknown where | Companies and markets


PRAGUE The arrest of the Late Year was first seen by people in how long the engineering company TS Plze under the guidance of the German owner at that time CEFC was able to obtain new orders. Not a year passed, and of the original 220 employees at the Pilsen factory about 60 of them left the company as quickly as possible. In many layoffs, for example, there is also a former manufacturer.

Unions in late May proclaimed stvkový readiness in the company and have since escalated the situation in TS Plze. Trade unions are convinced that the Plzen factory, one of the largest engineering companies in Theio, is sure to be shut down.

Preparing for the end

It is a woman's liquid. I see no hope that the company could operate, chairman Ervn Eger told LN last week. So far no one has said the exact date it will end here, Eger added that at the end of the contract, the contract with the provider was going for employees and the energy costs were also dreaming.

Managed by TS Plze's mother, which is the company as, or its new owner, the CITIC conglomerate, does not comment on the situation in Pilsen.

Management of the company justified the unfortunate situation of employees by lack of demand. LN sent her questions at the end of June about TS Plze to Jaroslav Tvrdek, who is deputy chairman of the board of directors of CITIC Europe Holdings. Tvrdk stock responded laconically that TS Plze is a subsidiary of the company of the time and definitely belongs to the board of the company.

Mr. Pavel Cesnek, general manager of TS Plze, emailed an LN question.

TS Plze, a two-Tc engineering company, is a leading Central European company, which has aimed, among other things, at the supply of manufacturing plants and related services in the metallurgical, rubber and sugar industries. The company supplied India, Pkistna and France. As one of the few in the world, it was able to produce components for the weapons industry.

Documents taken

According to a well-informed source, but you must remain anonymous, TS Plze arel slowly slipped. well sell it and machines. And mn be good and the leader. Only from the store. It is not clear to me, the owner does not want to sell the factory. According to our first buyer, who had hundreds of employees, Eger said.

Due to the lost and ongoing production at TS Plze today, the highest value of the company archive, consisting of the technical operating documents and the registered patents, is included in addition to the common operating documents. According to an LN source, the boxes containing the contents of the company archive were removed from the lead last week.

nsk fault

Unions are convinced that TS Plze was shaken up after it was acquired in 2016, which then did not invest anymore.

At the same time, the owner could not operate the factory and could not even criticize Eger. We are not competitive. If you are aiming that our bids are hardly more expensive than the competition, describe the local departments.

According to the Czecha statistics series, industrial production in Cheetah fell by less than four percent in June and the value of new orders fell by one tenth in June. All companies in the industry have to face the difficult situation. Many of them therefore offer their products even with zero sea. But in that way TS Plze didn't go. If you want to set up your business, hold it high, courtier Eger. According to him, it is also the cause of the company.

Last year TS Plze lost about 33 million crowns. At the same time, the operating result reached almost 27 million crowns in 2015, the following year this indicator fell to 16.5 million crowns.

The unions discussed the situation at the company in late May with the governor of the Pilsen region Josef Bernard (SSD). I spoke with the CEO of the time (Pavel Cesnek, ed.). He reiterated to me that it was a loss to have no orders and that they did not know what to do with it, he said less than three months ago. I did not give details, last week Bernard responded to the LN inquiry into the current state of traditional Pilsen company.

History of TS PLZE


The engineering company was founded under the Theode emblem.


TS company was founded.

■ 1999

Company name onTSPlze.

■ 2004

TS Plze became a member of the Podbrezov Group iron and steel company.

■ 2016

CEFC investment group of TS Plzepevzalansk.

■ April 2019

The company ended up in CITIC's ownership conglomerate.

Source: Register of Companies, TS Plze

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