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Vandas, Jakl and others. The region has been holding a "patriotic" grant meeting, now wanting to give it back


The Central Bohemian Region will demand the return of fifty thousand grants for the organization of a Saturday Patriotic Meeting in Příčov in the Příbram region. According to the governor of Jaroslavia Pokorná Jermanová (YES), the organizers have abused the region in the candidacy. The governor said the event was not just a garden party to celebrate the chapel consecration. According to her, it has become a meeting point of current opinions, with which, she said, she does not identify at all and from which she personally separates as a citizen and as a politician. One of the organizers, Petr Hampl, said he did not know what the president's opinion was.

The meeting was attended by President of the Labor Party of Social Justice Tomáš Vandas, anti-Muslim activist Martin Konvička, former secretary of former President Václav Klaus Ladislav Jakl and MP Jaroslav Foldyna (ČSSD).

Today, at the invitation of sociologist Petr Hampl, I attended a patriotic meeting at the Příčovy Castle, organized by a Society of Friends of White House People.
I met some interesting people there, including Ladislav Jakl, Benjamin Kuras, Lenka Prochazkova, Michal Semin, Jaroslav Foldyna, Jaroslav Basta, Martin Konvicka, Alexander Tomsky, Vladimir Kapal and Sona Zikmundova of Free Radio, Lieutenant Ivan Kratochvil and others. I gave a brief greeting and it was an interesting event in a pleasant atmosphere. While in Prague it was extremely hot, it was pleasant despite the rain. ?

Posted by Tomáš Vandas on August 10, 2019

According to Lidove noviny (LN), the event was marked by a dispute with rainbow flag activists who called it a fascist threat. Assemblers participated in apples at them, LN said.

The grant calls for a garden party to commemorate the consecration of St. Adalbert's Chapel in Příčov, which will also be considered patriotic. The organizers said that every year they would like to focus on this topic, this year it will be International Indigenous Peoples' Day on 9 August.

Pokorná Jermanová recalled that the region is providing support from the Hetman Fund to dozens of candidates annually and it concerns municipalities, institutions, associations and private entities. The Fund thus supports many social, cultural or sporting events. "However, it does not seek to censor the content of these events. The Council approves the good credit projects," the president said.

The organizer has abused the region, the president says

"In a democratic society, all opinion streams must have their place, but in this case the organizer has defrauded us of his request, and therefore we will demand a refund of the subsidy," the governor wrote. She also added that she was on maternity leave at the time the application was approved.

Hampl said he did not know what Pokornic German meant. About twenty lecturers, including associate professors and professors from universities and leading writers, attended the event. "I don't know if it can be called a current. I tried to make the panels so balanced that people of different opinions sat against each other, and it was a little shaky," he added.

The organizers announced the mass, lectures and cultural program. According to them, the meeting was supposed to be a day to honor traditions, respect for past generations and also a day in the spirit of national revival.

"In the big cities there are many intellectual achievements, this is not the village. That's why we want to invite authors of various social books and articles (across the social and political spectrum, simply without any narrow definition) to create each" salon "for the general public. lounge under the outdoor sky, "they said.

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