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Vodafone crackers customers. I will pay more for invoice calls


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"Vodafone reports on the current valuable list of the invoice method of prepayment payments. But from July 1, it will be a matter of the past. Instead of just checking where he has built one of the campaigns for years, the operator will apply Significantly less expensive billing to customers. The's editorial report informed readers about the next change.

Vodafone informed the affected customers via SMS. They now request clarification of this change in the operator's Facebook pages.

"Hello, today I received an SMS from you saying that on July 1, 2019, the advance cards change the appeal to full minutes. At that time, I thought it was April 1," Pavel Diviš wrote on the Vodafone Facebook page.

"We have decided to simplify and explain the way to pay calls, after a minute is also the predominant method of calling calls on the market," responded to the contribution of Diviš from the representative of the operator.

Vodafone is right in one: competing telephone operators, ie T-Mobile and O2 actually use one-minute rate for their paid payments. However, this was precisely what he had an advantage over his competitors, which many customers certainly considered when they chose their telephone service provider. So it is not surprising that, according to some dissatisfied customers, the next change is a demonstration that there is no competitive battle in the mobile mobile market.

However, it is worth noting that applying one-minute rate to calls is only for advanced cards. Vodafone does not plan a similar upgrade for tariffs or for Oskarta, ie for the advanced services of its own virtual operator.

And how does Vodafone explain the established basic tariff plans? Apparently the way customers use the service has changed. So the invoice method loses importance.

"Our advance customers are divided into two largest groups – they make mostly short calls that are not affected by the change, since the first minute has always been accused, or they use advance card packages where we have an unlimited call." social network In response to another contribution to the Vodafone Facebook pages, it was mentioned that the operator still required the system 60 + 1 for the card packages.

However, Vodafone acknowledges that "for a smaller number of customers, changing their bill could mean increasing their monthly expense." In another post, the representative of the operator tried to calm the situation by adding additional information: "We also prepare a new prepayment rate, which will certainly be an interesting addition to our offer."

Explained clients, in relation to adjusting advance rates, in particular indicate the correct calculation of some virtual operators. Most of them use the tariff of 60 + 1, but Cactus, a virtual operator of T-Mobile, requires calls for a second (1 + 1 rate).

They remember the Vodafone's almost seven-year campaign based on fair access to customers. At that time the operator said it was every second. Well, since then there has been an important revolution on tariff services, it is really not a decisive factor. But there are also advanced customers. And the seconds are still important.

In 2012, Vodafone attracted potential customers to fair call:

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