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War of Ministries: Meanwhile, the state will revoke white slaughter


The decision to eradicate the guns with vigorous poison Stutox II, which, according to environmentalists, may endanger many other animals, has led to a clash between ministries in Andrej Babiš's cabinet. While the Ministry of Agriculture is defending the proceedings and convening an extraordinary meeting on Friday, the Ministry of Environment is sounding an alarm.

The general use of the poison was authorized by the Central Institute for Supervision and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ), which is directly subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture. And according to the Ministry of the Environment has decided to apparently violate the law.

The Ministry of Agriculture convened Friday's discussion following a wave of criticism in which the Department of the Environment and environmental organizations warned that transmitting an application of Stutox II poison could endanger birds, wildlife or dogs and cats. The Ministry of Agriculture, on the other hand, has argued for oversized volleys and health problems that rodents can cause.

No one has used poison yet

The use of poison was backed by the Tea House at Theio on Thursday, while some politicians are also opposed to environmentalists: TOP 09 has called for an immediate cessation of product placement on the fields.

Stutox II not only kills guns, but can also be dangerous to other animals, including endangered species of owls and storks, which are rodents.

In history, one third of mankind died of rodent diseases. It is our duty to destroy the forces

President of the Agrarian Chamber Zdeněk Jandejsek

"I immediately convened a meeting of experts to assess how best to proceed with the elimination of outdated tones. In some areas in the Zlín, South Moravian and Olomouc regions the situation is untenable. Decreasing foxes is associated with risks to human health, leading to human health risks. great economic damage. Of course we also want to protect our nature and landscape as much as possible, "said Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman (CSSD) on Thursday.

He said the situation was serious. "If we were left solely for the application of the product, it would not be enough of the calamity we have to face. The damage that farmers would do would be hundreds of millions. In that case we would try to find funds to compensate, but at present we do not have them in the budget," Toman added.

According to his office, no farmer used the location of escapes poisoned by Stutox II, if he did, he should inform the local city authority and mark the field with a warning sign.

Will states recover quickly after drastic intervention, and it will take considerably longer for non-target species

naturalist David Storch

However, the Ministry of Environment strongly opposed the meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture. Minister Richard Brabec (YES) said on Wednesday that his resort does not agree with general control of rodents with dangerous poison.

"Of course, we do not agree with the universal use of poison. I am very sorry that CISTA has issued a permit without seeking alternatives with less impact," Brabec wrote to Novinka. The Ministry of Environment has initiated a survey by the Environmental Protection Inspectorate.

Eliminating predators will make it worse

The MOE regards the application of poison across the board as extremely dangerous to the environment. "In addition to bird poisoning, many other animals in the agricultural landscape, such as hares, goats, pheasants or partridges, can be poisoned directly. After ingesting such poisoned couchs, secondary poisoning can also occur, especially in predators, owls, but also storks. , herons and many others that are natural predators of rodents, "said Jan Šíma, director of the Department of Species Protection at the Ministry of Environment.

"If we reduce this population of rodent's natural predators by this inauspicious step, the situation will recur in the coming years or even worse. Surface application of poisons in the fields is a step backward of 50 years," added Petra Roubíčková, spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment to Shíma.

I do not want the (government) to poison the country

TOP 09 Vice President Tomáš Czernin

According to Roubíčková, the Ministry of Agriculture asked the MoE for an opinion on the general application of the Stutox II poison, but did not wait for a response and the Institute granted the permit without consulting the ministry.

Parliamentary TOP 09 has decided to counter the spread of poison to counter the petition. According to Vice President Tomas Czernin, allowing large-scale rodent digestion is a crime in our country. "Spreading poisons across the board is a simple, inexpensive and truly murderous solution. We already know that this government poisons the soul of the nation. I do not want her to poison the landscape," Czernin wrote.

Environmental protectors are also on alert. According to the Thea Society for Ecology, the ministry's process may be counterproductive. "If poison levels are reduced as poisoning, the females will grow more and more in the future. While strains will recover quickly after drastic intervention, it will take considerably more time for non-target species, which may eventually be able to control songbirds, "said David Storch, president of CSPE, of the Department of Ecology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

"Paradoxically, farmers kill animals to which the state contributes subsidies such as partridges. They exterminate game animals – poisoning pheasants, hares and even deer after the poisoning of the applied soil has been proven," said Petr Styblo of Theia for Nature Conservation.

Mice threaten humans

On the contrary, the President of the Agrarian Chamber of Theio Zdeněk Jandejsek defends the Ministry's proceedings. Excess of failures other than the board cannot be resolved. "It's a huge volume of females. In history, a third of mankind has died of rodent disease. It is our duty to destroy the forces. And it is not possible to earn points, so liquidation has been requested across the board," Jandejsek told Right.

According to him, farmers are allowed to use half of the poison than in Slovakia. "The mouse will never eat the grain on the surface, pick it up and take it to the grave," he said. He says nature can treat rodents alone, it's nonsense, he says. "There is no other way to protect our population. If the Ministry of Environment disputes, it will bear the consequences when the disease transmitted by mice occurs in our country," added Jandejsek.

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