Friday , June 9 2023

What kind of deal did the pretty blonde Borhy have with their children's fathers? The announcer strictly observes her



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One of Theio's best-known attendees, Lucie Borhyová, spoke about her children and her engagement with her former partners during a TV Nova press conference.

Borhy was curious about the behavior of the model's children Simony Krainové during a public event, as they were obedient. "I told Simon my kids wouldn't be able to say it like that. Maybe Lucas, because he's already big, but Linduska is a good devil and hasn't been sitting for a while," Borhy told Blesk.

But you will not see her in society, not because of their behavior, but because of the rules that the Nova star and their fathers agreed to.

"We agreed not to show our kids in public when they were old, so they decide if they want to be seen. I have a great relationship with my dads and I dare say we are friends. We are having a great time and maybe we are all going on vacation together," she said.

Borhy has a Greek businessman Nik Papadakis 10-year-old son Lucas and also has daughter Linda with a sports editor Michal Hrdlička.

Although both Borhy relationships did not turn out, former lovers do not fight or even spend time together. For example, a performer recently took his children to Greece, where his son's father lives.

"Seeing both parents together is nothing special to Lucas, she sees us very often this way," Lucie acknowledged Blesk.

Borhy already since 1999 works as a TV journalist on TV Nova, where she is a colleague King Koranteng. However, since 2005, viewers can also see her as the moderator of Víkend magazine. She has also appeared in several movies and series such as Streets, Comeback and others. She has won numerous awards on audience and television throughout her career.

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