Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ahmed al-Saadani mourns his ex-wife: I was selfish and irresponsible and I forgive myself


In moving words, artist Ahmed Saadani mourned his ex-wife via his official account on the social network "Instagram" saying: "I have in my life what I was talking about in my personal life, but I felt I needed to work like that now. mentioned that memory benefits "believers" or unbelievers or consumers. Anyone who is obsessed with doing what I need to do, I'll try to do it. "

Under the image released by his former husband, Saadani said: "On 9/9/2003 I loved the first look on the street between the Institute of Cinema, where she studied and the Institute of Dramatic Arts, where I played and studied his country. Meydarsh, I was an Arab passenger and was a brute on her leg, I was a Hkbtha, but got a good no Strong Mahsalt Khptti is in my heart a love of cutting arteries year engagement books month passport succession of the firstborn here started the problem to which he wrote this talk.

He continued: "I am very sorry for the youth against me taking responsibility for the rates of divorce and you understand that I Bijeily articulate when I feel I am responsible and it is the baby sweetheart costume girls are saying a lot to divorce me further Mtpttk. My name was the result in the first year, but about 4 mouth divorces all seniors then played The children of divorce Les conditions uniform passport completely enclosed Almighty, uncle applied the conditions made the first shot.

He continued Saadani: "Qeshta O Pasha lived your life? Uh … I rested? No .. I missed you and I missed her nostalgia and love and Hiblha Metegi returns, bit Yala, O-retarded Howoowob coward Tani born the same sense of the same Alrtkrh but Elmoradi Sammwood loop will not launch Tani incredible advantage, The selfish side in my personality Ghalbni, my uncle grew up and lives your life problem I Omri Marth you want to embrace and nostalgia and Hbelha but I intended to return may be greater or more acceptable or I can take the responsibility of seriously identifying myself at a certain age I make it say Hbqy has matured, but I've bonded.

Saadani continued, saying: "She died in a moment it was Bkmelmni an hour before and Mknch's eye was under pressure like most of the Egyptian people. Praise be to God .. She died and walked and decided to insult me ​​forever I thought Htstaniani and confident about this that impossible love for someone else Magash in Bali it might die now small And most in my life I saw the love of life and then positive energy, died and Saptli boys and repentance.

He ended his words by saying: "I am sure you are in paradise my joy for me created in the day of Arafa and Princess and six girls and six and a host and a worthy and my daughter and my home. I love you hope my life, which promised to promise you a time of Hashil responsibility, unfortunately I learned the lesson, but after I was deprived of your kindness, hug and your children. Who is the mother of our Lord, valued me and raised them to them the best of what you want .. I love you and not at your request, but you forgive me .. Our Lord have mercy and have mercy on our children, only my beloved Omri.

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