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Amber reveals football in the evening .. When Ahli shows up in new uniforms


Monday, August 5, 2019


Waleed Hassan, vice president of Amro, the winner of Al Ahly's sports sponsorship rights, said the first football team could appear in the new outfit in the Super Cup, to be held on September 18.

"There is full coordination between the company and the officials of Al-Ahly club on the date of wearing the first team of the new uniforms, and it could appear in the face of the Super against Zamalek, but the final decision belongs to the managing an Al-Ahly club. "

"The design of the new shirt has been completely completed at several factories in Turkey, for example, and we found it difficult to see the shirt in the two matches of the South African champions Barre in the lecture stage of the African Champions League.

"Al Ahmar will be the main color of the team as usual for the black side, and is another color chosen by Al Ahli officials and it will be a surprise for the team."

"Ahli selected all the designs for the new outfit next season and made some adjustments. Prior to the announcement, there will be a shooting session for a few players who will be selected in coordination between the club and the company, then a promotional video for the new jersey."

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