Wednesday , June 16 2021

Dalia Mustafa joins the "Big House"

Books – Mohammad Magdi:

The artist announced a meeting of Suwaidan, artist Dalia Mustafa joined the family of Grand House, "through her profile site" Instagram ".

"Meet" and expressed her happiness and wrote: "Greetings to my friend and paid to the star Dalia Mustafa to join the family of the Grand House serial Hinor Ya Dudu."

The series "The Big House" starring Lucy, Ahmed Badir, Sausan Bader, Rim Hallel, Hajaj Abdul Ghazi, Suwaidan, Trick Sabri, Donia Masri, Mai Fakhri, Ahmed Siam, Rim Beshnak, Sharif Baher , Taysir Abdul Aziz, Ayman Ayoub, written by Ahmed Subhi, directed by Muhammad Nukali.

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