Sunday , June 11 2023

Enough bathing suits .. Menna Fadaly at the crossroads of a critical Cup exciting .. Witness


Artist Menna Fadaly posted a new photo on her own account on the social network for photos and videos "Instagram", with a dramatic and bold look, after releasing Trend "Google", after the fierce attack on her image in Beijing, which was released. via her account on the social network "Instagram". ".

Menna Fadali appeared in a sexy and bold look, wearing a headband revealing her breast, which exposed her to sharp criticism from her followers and her audience on social media, commenting on the suitability of the swimwear.

Others commented, and the image impressed some of its audience.

Menna starred in her simple beauty by letting her hair short, applying makeup that matched her skin color and wearing lipstick in fuchsia, and relied on wearing any accessories that enhanced her beauty.

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