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Fraud and mimicry .. Health warns of 3 medicines on the market, one of which deals with the


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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Books – Ahmed Juma:

The Department of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health warned of fraudulent and unregistered containers for 3 cosmetics, including cosmetics "Botox", "amoxy 20%", and zytiga 500 mg tab.

The Ministry of Health has highlighted in flyer # 31 of 2019 on the need to monitor and capture what may exist in the local market and government units after taking all stored procedures in government units, and for the adulterated containers of the product. `Botox. Road & # 39; & # 39; No. 4c212c3, as the original package This product is manufactured by Allergan Company.

The Department called for the publication of this leaflet to all public and private hospitals located in the province, taking all legal action against the pharmaceutical institution absent purchase invoices for these products and against the supplier in the case of those invoices and inform us of what was done.

Botox is intended to prevent contraction of myocardial muscles (facial expressions), which cause wrinkles with age, decrease the signs of skin aging, and is made for aesthetic purposes mostly in women who want a younger look.

The Central Department of Pharmacists of the Ministry of Health and Population, in its publication No. 30 of 2019, warned of unregistered containers of the veterinary product "amoxy 20%", used in the treatment of gastrointestinal birds, and the production of the Arabian Company for Gelatin Products.

The Department stated that, through a survey with the General Directorate of Veterinary Registration, it was reported that this product was not registered with them in the database.

The Ministry sent the circular to the health directors in the government departments to monitor and record these operations according to official records.

The ministry also warned against smuggled, adulterated and unregistered drug from the zytiga 500 mg tab.

The minister pointed out that the manufacturer had informed them that the price of the original registered luggage is 46 thousand and 611 pounds, "the 60 tablets package", pointing out that it can thus distinguish apparently the original registered and smuggled luggage from the this product.

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