Friday , August 12 2022

Increase of 200 pounds per resident .. Parliamentary Bushra on rational cards


Congressman Badir Abdel Aziz, a member of the House of Representatives, emphasized the importance of reform measures undertaken by the state and expressed the faith of international economic institutions in the Egyptian economy, pointing out that despite these difficult economic measures, the government did not ignore the role of social protection for the most needy groups and launched a live initiative. Decide.

He expressed "Abdel Aziz", in exclusive statements to an "echo country", optimistic about the World Bank's praise of Egypt's social protection, which began with pensions and dignity and a decent living initiative, and then raised the minimum wage to 2000 pounds. , adding that the government will remain. Promote to strengthen social protection files.

"One of the measures of social protection that the state will take is to convert support into kind," he said. "This will increase the subsidy to the beneficiaries and increase the financial value of the grants." At 200 pounds, the principle of taking from the rich and giving to the needy is the principle of a decent life initiative.

He pointed out, MP Bdeir Abdel Aziz, that Egypt began to reap the benefits of economic reform measures, and what is now with the government are the mechanisms by which the citizen affects the results on the ground.

The World Bank, in a report, confirmed that Egypt's experience in the field of social protection is one of the leading models in the world, where it began implementing a solidarity and dignity program in 2015, funded by $ 400 million. the World Bank, a program that provides income support as long as children. To ensure access to health care.

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