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National Geographic Channel Abu-Dabi Ali Nilesat and Arabs Sat and Yahas National Geographic Abu Dhabi


National Geographic Channel Abu-Dabio It is not different that the National Geographic Abu Dhabi area is the largest and largest channel in the provision of films and documents and scientists on the satellite Nilesat and the Arab Sat and Yah Sat, as well as programs in geography, natural sciences, space and the world of the sea and many programs that provide information useful to its broad audience. .

National Geographic Channel

The first broadcast of National Geographic Abu Dhabi in Nilesat began in July 2009 and followed the other satellites, and aims to all who are wondering about the universe and wonders of the universe and all who are looking for useful, new and strange information. In all fields

National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel

What distinguishes the channel is to provide the world of animals and all related to all well-known animals and unknown, and programs provided by the screen of the National Geographic Channel of Abu Dhabi.

  • Genuine engineering.
  • Legends of the Ice Age.
  • Photographer of National Geography.
  • Avoiding catastrophic investigations.
  • Dealers.
  • Avoiding catastrophic investigations.
  • Jukon went.
  • Airport the International of Dubai.
  • None of the above: the genius of the street.
  • Together for a better life.
  • Miracles-Hospital.
  • Travel is risky.

National Geographic Channel Abu-Dabio

The moon Frequency Polarization Coding Correction
Nilesat (SD) 12226 Horizontal 27500 3/4
Nilesat (HD) 12467 Horizontal 27500 2/3
Arab Sat (SD) 11804 Horizontal 27500 3/4
Yah Sat (SD) 11938 Horizontal 27500 5/6
National Geographic Channel Abu-Dabio
National Geographic Channel Abu-Dabio

Now displayed on the National Geographic Abu Dhabi series, the most popular and popular program is the Fight Program, which presents the most fierce fighting between animals in the jungle, the nature and behavior of predators, and how animals and predators live in the forest. This program has achieved an unprecedented success and many people are looking for the NBA Dabi National Geographic Channel at Nilesat.

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