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Of which 78% were pregnant. 6. Reasons for sleep deprivation during the nine months of pregnancy

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Sleep disturbances, or so-called thin pregnancies, are one of the natural symptoms of pregnancy. You may find it difficult to sleep at night, wake up often during the night or wake up very early, depression, sleep apnea, difficulty breathing and constant fear of sleeping on a child. .

According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation of America, 78 percent of pregnant women suffer from sleep disorders during the nine months of pregnancy.

We are investigating the causes of sleep disorders during the nine months of pregnancy, according to the site "MomJunction" on maternal health.

1 – Back pain: The weak ligaments and muscles are affected by increasing the weight of the pregnant woman during pregnancy months, causing back pain, expanding the uterus during pregnancy, weakening the abdominal muscles and pushing the spine forward, increasing pressure on the lower back muscles, and then limiting the pain Respond from your sleep.
2 – Acidity: Progesterone causes the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, which drives the stomach acids to the top, as well as increasing the size of the uterus during pregnancy presses on the stomach, which causes the acid to leave the stomach to the esophagus, known as the return of the esophagus.
GERD occurs especially in the third trimester, and your recovery greatly disrupts sleep.
3 – leg cramps: Because the pressure of the blood vessels and muscles on the nerves occurs called restless leg syndrome, they are common during the third and third months of pregnancy.
With frequent limb movements during sleep, leg cramps occur, which causes sleep disorders and insomnia.
4 – Shortness of breath: Increased pressure on the diaphragm located below the lungs and difficulty breathing during sleep.
5. Snoring: nasal passages swell during pregnancy, which increases the number of snoring that adversely affects breathing during sleep, causes to wake up several times during the night and cause insomnia.
6 – Concern: Frequent anxiety and thinking about the child and childbirth and lifestyle changes can give you sleepless nights.
You should, as far as possible, determine the actual cause so that you can find an effective solution for insomnia associated with pregnancy.

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