Friday , August 12 2022

"Our big $ 1000 a month" .. Ahmed Hassan and Zainab respond to criticism (video)


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Al-Youtuber criticized Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zeinab on the pretext of "excessive interest in covering their news," saying: "The whole media is turning against us, and the Talat channels are growing on us.

Zainab, in a joint video with her husband titled "Haram Alaikaf is quite critical of Baqa", lasting 32 minutes on Monday: "Every one of this player should play his daughter, because cheek and taste in health, we do not torment her."

Ahmed added: «Why aren't people empty on this subject? I swear to God on many channels and very senior media has asked us to see and respond to criticism, and we have refused, but they are the cause of exchange between us ».

He went on to say, "We are famous for our daughter Ma Tigi, and you who asked to download videos after the birth, and asked to see the girl, do you really want to save children from the show who sell wipes in the streets?"

He explained: "Zainab and I passed three times, once in October, and we worked on the joy of grief in November, and the joy was in December, and Zainab was born in late June, and our daughter Mgch after 6 months, and Antohadd. according to our symptoms ».

He continued: "We Mnbksbash $ 30 thousand a month, and the maximum possible delivered in Egypt monthly only $ 2000, especially in the month of Ramadan because of the large number of advertisements, we are big on the ordinary thousand dollars."

The couple Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zainab announced the retirement of "Social Media" on Monday, after a controversial case recently raised the claim to "exploit their baby to promote their content and benefit from online advertising".

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