Wednesday , October 5 2022

Pharmacists: Drugs containing Pregabalin are listed by Health on the table – Egypt


Dr Ahmed Abu Doma, a member of the Pharmacists Union of Pharmacists, said that Health Minister Dr Hala Zayed issued a decision on Thursday evening to include drugs containing the substance "pregabalin" on drug tables affecting the psychological state. , which imposes special requirements on dispensing of these drugs. .

He explained, from "Abu Doma" to "home," that the decision came after several authorities saw the high consumption of drugs containing this substance, and that this use is not for medical purposes, but promoted by some addicts to this drug, and thus achieved these names of drugs and private businesses. Its expected sales rates, last year.

He continued: "This called on the relevant organizations and some members of the House of Representatives and interested in the medical sector to sound the alarm, as this drug became one of the needed drugs on the list of addicts, and therefore the Ministry of Health had to intervene and included the active substance mentioned above. " .

He explained that after the publication of this decision, drugs containing this article will not be delivered only in accordance with the requirements, such as prescription drug approval and that the disposal of these drugs will be by one outlet, the Egyptian Company for the trade of medicines, especially since the company is the only one competent to supply drugs and toxins, The expense will be made only after a letter from the pharmaceutical department affiliated with the pharmacy.

He pointed out that this does not include 90 drugs exclusively as reported, but all drugs that contain the active substance and its derivatives and brand names that contain it.

He added: "We, as a union, are always calling on the Egyptian citizen to investigate the accuracy of the drug's use and not to use it only after a doctor has prescribed it, and I hope this decision does not affect the real patient who needs this a drug, especially because it treats neuritis and osteoarthritis. Gulf countries for several years. "

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