Wednesday , August 17 2022

Pictures and videos .. Learn about the "Robot Doctor" service to give medical advice to pilgrims


The Saudi Ministry of Health has launched the robotic technology for medical consultations between doctors, hospitals and health centers in Mine and mobile convoys..

"The Ministry of Health has launched a new technology using the robotic robot for medical consultations between doctors in hospitals and health centers in Mine and mobile convoys during Hajj season," the ministry said in a statement.

The minister explained that this modern technology allows for consultation with physicians from anywhere in the Kingdom, and the virtual access to any hospital in Mine, and allows them self-mobility within the hospital, to the patient's bed. and provide clinical counseling easy using any smart device and via the fourth generation network..

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health

According to the Saudi newspaper Okaz, doctors were trained on the inside and outside of emotions in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah to use this new technology, to serve Rahman's guests..

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It has a “robotic doctor "Dress Doctor, Such as stethoscopy, special endoscope cameras, a special skin exam camera and other tools that enable doctors to diagnose cases and provide telemedicine.

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The robot also has a high-resolution camera that lets you transport the image with high-quality clarity and precision. The doctor can read clinical signs and indicators, including x-rays..

The introduction of the service is a qualitative addition to the time and space response time of practitioners and facilitates the provision of the best possible service in all health facilities, wherever they may be..

The eHealth team works around the clock to provide and monitor the development and operation of these systems and e-services as possible, to provide more secure and quality services, and performance more effectively..

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