Wednesday , August 17 2022

She started with tears .. Details of an exciting episode of Reham Saeed in her first appearance after her illness


In a new episode of "Sabaya," broadcast on Al-Hayat satellite channel, Reham Said returned on Sunday after stopping nearly a month or more due to her illness after she was previously declared a bacterium in the nose. And announced her recovery two days ago and returned to normal life.

During the episode, which began with the song "Lesa Amal Amal," she gave a few important things, the most important being the relationship between plastic surgery and her recent illness. The episode also included numerous interventions by artists and artists, Reem Al-Baroudi, Ahmad Zaher, and environmental chief Sherif Madkour.

Dr. Hossam Fouda, a professor and head of the plastic and nose surgery unit at the University of Alexandria, has revealed the details of Riham Said's illness, saying the first visit by media reporter Reham Said has been revealed. that there was a big red in the nose, Real, pointing out that the nose was full of a lot of push, which was a threat to her life.

Hossam Fouda said during a telephone interview with the media, "Reham Said" in the "Sabaya" program broadcast on the "life" channel, that these shocking initial statements confirmed the effect of inflammation of the eardrum in the nose, prompting him to give a dose of antibiotic to stop the inflammation and severe edema, It was not enough to have another infection that prompted them to enter the operating room immediately.

Hossam Fouda added that Reham had stopped treatment for a while so that she could air a special episode of her "Sabaya" program on the African Cup of Nations, pointing out that Reham's case was very serious, which did not require surgery. to completely remove the cartilage of the nose. , Which distorted the shape of her face completely, because it was difficult to match her health.

Hossam Fouda explained that they had already undergone this major surgery, and risked the installation of similar cartilages of the ears instead of the cartilage of the nose, which was completely removed during the process, indicating that this step was a threat to the life of the media, considering the injury again, Survival of over 1%.

Reham Saeed, a journalist, showed photos of her illness on the air: "I was very red and went to Dr. and Munch in Eddie" during the show.

The media also sent a message to her public about her first appearance on her show after her recovery from the disease.

Reham Said said: "Enjoy your life, enjoy all your relatives and loved ones and your children may not be appreciated as much as you can when you come from the middle and any Haidaini or Htalkm monster has not bothered him," adding: "I am surrounded by our Lord, because the lab needs to spare the miracle that I got Maaya"

"The disease is a message," said Reham Saeed. "Our Lord tells you with all blessings quickly." She added, "You are with me, and I am with you." What does our Lord appreciate for his conviction and his climate, and when the doctor tells you, you are Hutchiel, your climate is 9 months.

About the skeptics in her illness, the media reported to Reham Said, a message to them, saying: "I met him in the street, I did not see him in the street. I did not have to be satisfied." Ayana, and Taiza are working on a movie. "

Reham Said said: "Fear God and all, and be ashamed of the air and all that you lie to be liars if you come in and see," banner: "betrayed 8 kilos of immobility."

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