Friday , October 7 2022

Sohag health increases maximum readiness through the days of Eid al-Adha


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100 ambulances are equipped with crews to provide immediate service and adequate blood pool balance.

Hany Gomaa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sohag announced that the directorate had escalated the crisis and preparations to the greatest degree during the days of Eid al-Adha and the holiday was discontinued for doctors and nursing homes in public and central hospitals.

He added that Sohag has 3 public hospitals, namely Tahta General, Sohag General and Gerga General, in addition to 9 central hospitals and works around the clock, and follows up periodically with the Central Operations Directorate to find out the general situation of each hospital, in addition to the emphasis on providing all medicines in reception departments. And that food monitoring teams are complying with all plans entrusted to them to monitor the markets during the Eid period, to ensure food safety and security, and to provide food that is suitable for citizens.

Hani Juma pointed out that the teams were warned to tighten control of the employees in the shops selling meat and slaughtered and frozen meat, and stores for selling processed and frozen meat, meat shops, and to make sure they comply with the health requirements and their commitment to hygiene practices during meals. From infectious diseases, ensure the safety of refrigerators for the preservation and examination of frozen meat and fish, and to ensure its validity and retention of its natural properties, and free from signs of damage and control of invalidity and to comply with all legal procedures.

Hani Juma said that all vaccines for poisoning cases are quite available, as well as vaccines for rabies.

Juma & # 39; 's explained that in coordination with the ambulance facility, it was decided to have a permanent presence and drive a car at every meeting in parks, public parks and plazas, as well as the Eid churches, where there are 100 cars spread across the province, ready with their crews. ready to provide immediate services and communicate consistently in the Central Operations Health Directorate. .

A Sohag health agent has revealed that the blood tests at the level of the blood centers and banks of the Health Directorate have all factions, as well as educational hospitals, health insurance hospitals and the regional blood bank.

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