Wednesday , October 5 2022

The future of Earth: Dead planets send strange zombie signals


Future of Earth. Dead planets send signals

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Some of the dead planets emit radio waves long after their death, which are visible from Earth in the hope of listening to the strange "zombie" sounds.

The planets, whose stars made them nuclei, could form a circle with the star that destroyed them and create rare wave rays, according to a new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

When some stars reach the end of their life span, they can expand and burn all nearby planets, making them metal nuclei orbiting them, before they become white dwarfs.

The white dwarf and surrounding planets can form a circle and emit radio waves, where radiation from the circle can be captured by radio telescopes on Earth.

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Scientists are now planning to find these dead planets by discovering their own zombie signals, which would be an exciting achievement because no one has found a large planet or its core just by observing magnetic effects.

"We believe that our opportunities to make exciting discoveries are very good," said lead researcher Dmitry Ferras of Warwick University.

Scientists need to know how long nuclei survive after stripping their outer layers, although studies have found that nuclei (in some cases) can last up to a billion years.

That is why future discoveries can give us more precise information about how our planet will descend in the future.

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