Thursday , June 17 2021

Vision is negotiating with the financial regulator to extend the tender offer period

Madhat Khalil, chairman of the Raya Financial Investments Holding Company, discovered that the company filed a complaint with the Supervisor of Banks regarding the decision to submit a mandatory purchase offer for Raya Holdings and called on the Authority to take into account the extension of the two-month period for the acquisition of capacity, -800 million pounds Share the associated group for 42% after buying the share group.

Lil said the company wanted to sell 10% of the shares again in order to reach the planned rate, and the company asked the FSA to grant a deadline for sale until mid-2019, until the performance of the stock indices improved.

Lill said at a press conference today that the company had discussed with several banks the possibility of financing in the event of a share purchase and noted that Al-Hayah was considering the complaint filed by the company in order to grant it a due date, as the deadline for November 26 to complete a purchase offer Duty is not compatible with the current financial position of the company.

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