Tuesday , January 19 2021

Water cut from 7 areas in Giza for 6 hours

The waterproof and healthcare company in Giza announced it had to cut drinking water from 7 areas for 6 hours.

These areas are: "Kafr Tuhrmos, Faisal and its branches, the pyramid and its branches, Manshaet Al-Bakari, Mariouteya, Mansourieh" at 12 p.m. Friday, 11/11/2018 and until 6:00 on Saturday, 24/11/2018.

The company has attributed the reason for the implementation of the installation of new pumps with the expansion of the Imbaba station except for the maintenance of a Japanese crane at the Shooting Club " Nutrition Faisal and Haram areas ".

Major General Ahmed Rashid, governor of Giza, stressed in his comments the importance of the expansion of the water and water treatment company in Giza, which is within the province's plan to increase the number of stations and the expansion of Some other stations that feed networks in densely populated neighborhoods, which will increase the part of the drinking water supply area and eliminate the problems of water weakness in these areas and omit the system of changes that have suffered long citizens.

Giza's government calls for citizens and government and private institutions in affected areas to manage their drinking water needs during the period of interruption.

The waterproof and sanitary company also assigned emergency number 125 to get complaints from citizens and provide clean acute cars upon request.

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