Sunday , May 28 2023

Zakaria is locked out of our calculations. The German doctor determines his position


Said Abdel-Hafiz, director of football at Al-Ahli club, said Moamen Zakaria will not be at the local Al-Ahli club due to the circumstances of his injury.

In a press release, Syed Abdul Hafeez said that Moamen Zakaria is currently suffering from an injury that would hamper his presence with the team in the coming months, and that he will be introduced to a German doctor and undergo extensive medical tests.

He added the director of football at Al-Ahli Club: "A special session was held with Momen Zakaria and explained to him the situation in all its details, and we await the results of the medical report, when presented to the German doctor to find out the size of the wound and the method of healing. "

He stressed that Zakaria will not be insured on the team's current roster, and that he will wait and discuss his registration in the month of January on his health.

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