Thursday , November 26 2020

Air traffic control calls recorded

The calls to air traffic controllers were short, almost embarrassed: "It came to my left side and then quickly moved north," a British Airways pilot reported.

She flew Boeing 737 on Flight 94 from Montreal to London in the early hours of Friday morning, November 9.

"Is there a military exercise," she asks?

The air traffic controllers at Shannon airport were amused: "There's nothing on my head or radar."

The conversation with the ground controllers was recorded and published by

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"All right," replied a British Airways pilot. (It) was so fast – in fact you can no longer see it. We just wondered. We did not think it was likely on a collision course, but I was just wondering what it might be.

"It was a light so bright and then it disappeared at a very high speed …

But soon it turned out that she was not the only one to see something strange in the morning sky.

Two more pilots broadcast in interviews in the next few minutes.

Virgin Airlines Flight 76 from Orlando to Manchester cuts a cockpit, confirming that he has also seen something, "a meteor or other object does some kind of re-entry." There seem to be a number of objects following the same type of trajectory. Very much from where we were … two bright lights that looked like left to right and drove at least from our point of view. "

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One pilot added that the speed of the objects looked "astronomical, it was like Mach 2 (2500km / h)".

"I'm glad it's not just me," another pilot remarked.

Here the exchange ended.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) says it will investigate reports of "extraordinary aerial activity."

"Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday (November 9th) of unusual aerial activity, the Antiquities Authority submitted a report," the Irish Aviation Authority said.

"This report will be investigated in the context of the secret interrogation procedure being carried out."

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