Monday , January 25 2021

Barcelona sure to sell Ousmane Dembele to the Premier League club for 100 million pounds

Barcelona are confident they can sell Dussemle Osman to Liverpool for £ 100m.

But it seems Jürgen Klopp is not as eager forward as the first thought, and has no intention of meeting the steep price tag Barcelona has slapped on the Frenchman.

Dembele is undergoing a turbulent period in Spain and has not been able to impress the top Place Felice after his £ 97 billion transfer in 2017.

The international France was brought to Barcelona as a replacement for Neumar, who had just left for Paris.

But after only a season and a half Barcelona began to get tired of Dembele, who recently called ill training missed.

Barcelona are sure they can sell Desmela Osman

Following his call, the club doctor was sent to the Frenchman's house to assess his condition and found nothing wrong with his health. What else did he see? Some young men slept in his house around noon.

MirrorFootball realizes that Barcelona are passing the transfer of Dumbled and are trying to unload it.

Jurgen Klop is not as enthusiastic as forward

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The club believes that because he used to play for Dortmund – where Liverpool boss Jurgen Klop would manage – he would be interesting to them.

What's more, Barcelona are aware that Liverpool have invested heavily in recent transfers including a £ 75million move for Virgil Van Dijk and a 67million deal for Allison.

Dambla is going through a turbulent period in Spain right now

But Liverpool are not interested in £ 100million of Barcelona asking price, and feel other goals will provide better value for money.

Klop is also understood to be happy with his front line in Liverpool, dominated by Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

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