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The stars whose homes were destroyed in California

Liam Hemsworth has shared heartbreaking images of the devastated Malibu estate he shared with Miley Cyrus, as Kim Basinger became the last celebrity to reveal her home was destroyed on the ground by California fires.

Hemsworth and Basinger are only two of the stars so far hit by Fire Woolsey, which killed two people and destroyed 370 structures, ripping through more than 96,000 acres in southern California.

Rard Butler, Robin Thicke, Neil Young, Camille Grammer and Meyer's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are also among those who lost their homes, reports from the Daily Mail.

Firefighters are fighting the Walsh fire when he burns a house in Malibu, California. Photo / AP

Dozens of other stars were evacuated including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, a pink pop star Lady Gaga.

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And the danger had not yet subsided. Fire department officials reported that Woolsey's flame was only 35 percent contained and as some evacuated neighborhoods reopened, the flames roared to life again in the Santa Monica mountains.

A huge cloud suddenly rose in the middle of the night near the Lake Sherwood community, and ordered the authorities to send planes to bring down water-to-flame inhibitors.

Forecasters warned of the continued danger of a fire in southern California because of the Santa Ana winds, the dry, blowing gusts, drifting out of shore to shore, pushing the damp sea breeze.

Hemsworth returned to his Malibu meadow on Monday for a local time shared picture of what was left of his home on Instagram.

In the photograph, many were scattered, and four whole letters were called "love."

Miley Cyrus and Liam's smashed house of Malibu was destroyed. Photo / AP

"It was hearty a few days," Hemsworth wrote in the caption. "That's what's left of my house, love.

"A lot of people in Malibu and its environs in California have lost their homes and my heart goes out to anyone who has been hit by these fires."

Miley revealed on Sunday that her local and coveted 2.52 million dollar Malibu estate was burned to the ground.

The Malibu houses of a group of celebrities were destroyed in California. Graphic / Daily Mail

"To hell with my community, I'm one of the lucky ones, my animals and my love of life have done it safely, and that's all that matters now," she wrote of Instagram.

"My house is no longer standing, but memories shared with family and friends stand strong, I am grateful for everything I left, and I sent so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and the sheriff's department of Los Angeles County!

The couple announced today that they are donating $ 500,000 to the Malibu Foundation through the charity of Cyrus Hippy Foundation and happy to help "restore the magic of Malibu."

"Miley and Liam have lost their homes but are very grateful to be safe with their animals! The community and their situation are very special to them and they want to bring back the place that has created so many beautiful memories for themselves and others," said Koresh's representative.

JRR Butler has posted a video to his instagram, revealing the scope of the destruction. Image / Instagram

"These funds will be used for those financial need, emergency assistance assistance, community reconstruction, prevention of wildfire and climate change change."

Gerald Butler also photographed the destruction of his home and the rich neighborhood.

"It's like a war zone," Butler told viewers as he surveyed the area over the weekend. "Every house after a certain point disappears, what a difference a day can make to the community."

Butler played the clips on his Instagram on Monday, writing the caption that his heart "hurts all those who lost their homes and lives in California."

"A lot of people have lost everything and will have to rebuild," he added. "I'm fine and so grateful for all the wishes."

Butler also spoke to reporters outside his home and seemed emotional when he spoke about the fires affecting the community. 300 stars also acknowledged the first responders discussed his plans for reconstruction.

Firemen throw hot spots at a sword house that raged in Malibu. Photo / AP

The daughter of Alec Baldwin Ireland also revealed the news that her mother, Kim Basinger, had lost the Malibu house.

"So many friends and friends and family members lose everything they have in these fires," Ireland noted. "My mother and her husband lost the Malibu House in Woolseyfire and fortunately, they're both safe."

Ireland was also forced to evacuate its Malibu house and talked about the drama of an attempt to return to it on Monday.

The model complained that a policeman guarding one of the main streets leading to Malibu had blocked her and her friend from entering and accusing them of looting.

In a series of messages, Ireland explained that she had come from Malibu to rescue any property she could from her house and try to help others escape.

April Love Geary, a friend of Robin Thicke, revealed the extent of the destruction in their home. Image / Instagram

Although she had no proof of her address-because her identity card and passport were registered in her business address-Ireland said that many policemen along the way had assured her that she would be able to enter if she filled out several forms.

But it turned out that this was not the case when Ireland ran into one officer who told her to turn around.

"He assumed we were looters who were trying to get into Malibu to steal, he did not say he was not letting us go into Malibu because of looting, he just called us looters," Ireland wrote about her intramural story.

"He told us to turn around and cooperate or we were arrested."

As for her house, Ireland said she had no idea if she was still standing, but revealed all her pets and her boyfriend were out of the way of damage.

Philadelphia Phyllis, the manager of Gabe Kapler Malibu's house, was also leveled by the fire. It was just a steel staircase. Kapler said his two sons and his ex-wife had cleared the place and were safe.

Will Smith expressed concerns about the shooting that touched his home. Image / Instagram

"Our family is good, there are many other families who do not," he told Athletic. "Everything can be replaced, everything is just things, a house was a thing, to so many people, this house is their refuge and safe haven.

"But all that we lost can be replaced, our family will be fine, love and support are amazing."

Soap actress Tracy Bergman also lost her Malibu house in devastating flames.

The restless young star recorded the last picture of her house, wrapped in flames, to the Instagram at the end of the week.

"Thank God we're all safe, I have no other words, I'm just numb to all of us," she wrote.

A friend of Robin Thicke's April Love Geary published a heartrending picture of their devastated Malibu estate.

Fire retardant is dropped on the hillside Malibu. Photo / AP

The 23-year-old model took the story of her instagram to share what was left. She writes: "This is a picture I received from my home, while material objects are interchangeable, the memories shared in this house are not."

Camille Grammer Meyer was able to save some of her most precious items, including her dog Jai, from the US $ 3.282 million Paradise View Estates estate just hours before it was destroyed by a Volcian fire.

"I went to my safe and grabbed jewelry, documents, birth certificates and passports," the 50-year-old recalls his wife.

"We could not take the great works of art, but we caught a picture of Andrew Wyeth, and I also took a few pictures that meant something to me – a big aunt who died a few years ago, I took pictures of my family.

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlin Jens returned to the Malibu house, which escaped unscathed. Image / Instagram

Even Dr. Strange, Scott Derickson, lost his home in flames this weekend.

"We lost the house, but we are all safe and that is the important thing," he chirped, including some pictures of a charred house.

"I'm not trying to be optimistic about losing everything literally – I'm just not materialistic by nature," added a separate tweet.

"For me it's just things, it's harder for my boys to lose items that have profound memory meaning, but that loss and change whipsaw will become a source of growth for all of us."

In Agora Hills, Woolsey Fire destroyed Paramount Ranch, a group of Westworld HBO and many other Western movies. HBO said that no team or team were in the Paramount Farm location when it was burned.

Caitlin's Malibu House A simple candle missed the flames.

Just two days after clearing their Malibu house when the Woolsey Fire approached too much, Jr. and her partner Sofia Hutchins are returning home.

Ner, 69, and Hutchins, 22, took Instagram a new video that showed they had come home safe and sound with their dogs Baxter and Berta.

While their Malibu house was intact, the hills behind their house were "charred."

Rainer Wilson, who is currently abroad, said his animals were saving his house and was "barely spared" and Wesley just missed it by "a dozen meters".

Director Guillermo del Toro has also discovered his favorite house, Blake House, which holds a collection of more than 700 fantasy and horror memorabilia pieces, and still stands.

The Kardashian Tribe, Simon Cowell, Will Smith and Martin Sheen were also among those who had to be evacuated as the Walsi ripped through Malibu inlaid with stars, hidden hills, and Calabasas regions.

Lady Gaga appeared at the shelter of the Red Cross in Pacific Placidas, Los Angeles, on Sunday, to support the evacuees of the Walsh Fire. Since then she has confirmed that her house remains intact in the fire.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of US $ 60m The Manor Hills Manor also escaped the flame after they paid for private firefighters.

The couple hired a private crew to ward off the flames that were getting closer to their home. Now they get to help save the whole neighborhood by funding a private team.

Kim's and Cania's estate sits on the edge of a battlefield hole in the field.

If their house was burned, it would start a domino effect that could have leveled dozens of homes around.

The couple's private firefighters dug several trenches to create a ceasefire and help fight the flames.

Neighbors said they were grateful that the couple had funded the private crew and brought firefighters to save their homes.

Meanwhile, some iconic Hollywood sites have been reported damaged in flames.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the set for M * A * S * H, Peter Strauss, Reagan and Paramount Farms all came from.

"It's an incredible loss that we have not even started to put our head yet," historian Carrie Beauchamp told the magazine.

Peter Strauss's farm was popular for concerts in the 1950s in which they appeared like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. It was probably burned down to crisp by the Volsey flame while the Paramount Farm 3000 acres that appeared in the western world was damaged.

Reagan's farm was also affected, but there were no longer the houses of the late President.

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