Monday , June 21 2021

Coaches will now be able to "hang" between them

Illustration "voice" – David Merle / TF1

A new rule for more spices! The recording of the first blind auditions of the next season of The voice Began on Monday, and little originality made its appearance: the coaches
Jennifer, the soprano, Laine Clark and Lemke now have a chance to "hang" between them. And to prevent talent from joining the team of one of their friends.

Specifically, each trainer has under his buzz three buttons with the names of other jury members. If one of the candidates is interested in him, he can temporarily "block" one of the other competing coaches, without his knowledge, thereby preferring his chances of getting this candidate to his team. Each coach will be able to use the new feature only once during blind auditions.

For example, if Jennifer is seduced by the voice of a candidate, she definitely wants him on his team but she is afraid that the guitarist, Julian Clark also returns to his chair and finds the arguments to convince his talent to join his team, she can "block" the eldest. He will not find out that he was blocked until after the participant stopped singing. Jennifer will increase his chances of seeing the candidate join his team. But in this example, only Julian Clark finds himself "offside". If Soprano and / or Mika have also returned to their places, the talent will always be able to choose them as coach. In which case, the operation will not pay for Jenfier. Every governor must therefore play strategically and not waste the "block" by using it at any time.

"This strengthens the competition between the coaches"

This new rule was born in the 14th season of the American version of the program. It has been adopted in the Belgian version of the show.

"It's a lot of fun," behind-the-scenes slides Matthieu Grelier, ITV Studios program manager who produces the French version of the The voice, Remarks the head of the coach who made the expenses of the "block" during filming Monday. "It's generally thought that coaches mean talent" I want you so just that block I used it for you. "And it's true that it reinforces the friendly competition between the coaches who make the salt of the show …" Watch conflicts over competing talents!

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