Tuesday , January 26 2021

Endometry treated with ultrasound: "I was released for ten years of suffering"

It was ten years, because Laura, who had endometriosis, did not ride a bicycle. Very painful So, since this summer, the thirty had a great time, multiplying family strolls throughout the Loireo. "Day and night. I see again, use these simple things that I can do again," says the recruiting manager, installed next to Nevers (Nièvre).

At the age of 33, Laura had a first world, a clinical test with promising results, not to say wonderful. In the hospital of Croix-Rousse in Lyon, like twenty women, she experienced with focused ultrasonic treatment.

An alternative to heavy surgery

The waves went to destroy, rather to deviate it, its digestive endometry. "The digestive path is one of the most common diseases. It causes, except for the rules to breathe pain, diarrhea / constipation alternately, parentheses in the straight, complicated relationship. For patients, the suffering is immense and the quality of life degraded, "decimals Professor Gil Dubernard.

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He was the head of the gynecology department, which had the idea of ​​diverting a prostate cancer medication to target endometric lesions. An alternative to heavy and mutilating surgery, until the amputation of the direct.

I LAW ALSO>The help of gynecologists is required to create expert centers

The symptoms described by the doctor, Laura knew all. She can add tiredness and difficulties in the design and delivery of Milan and Julia, her two children. But today, thanks to the pioneering protocol she joined in May, the girl is "very good".

"It does not cure but sleep"

"In one hour, without surgery, only with a sounding, I was released for ten years of suffering," she says enthusiastically. Laura, whose illness has appeared in adolescence, has risen to 23 years, is not sad. But she is aware of the time lost, lack of diagnosis.

She remembers a doctor who, before examining her, dared to say: "If you have an endometriosis, I cut an arm." At the end of the consultation, I could not help but say to him: Lord, you will become a penguin. «

In Lyon, Professor Dubernard is preparing to continue his study with more patients and goals for development in other centers in France. "I still have injuries, it does not cure, but sleep … forever or for a while? I do not know," agrees Laura. She does not want to think about it, preferring a pedal toward the wind and progress.

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