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"People tell me I give them a smile" … Quadriplegic, former rugby player Tony Moggio launched into a big bath

Tony Moggio, a quadriplegic swimmer, during the pool training at the Castex Pool, in Toulouse, on 15 November 2018. – N / Stable / 20 minutes

  • Tony Moggio, 33-year-old Haut-Garonnais, wants to connect to Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez, in Var.
  • Also a speaker, a writer and a comedian, the former whore practices hard in Toulouse, surrounded by a clan.

The rumor is creeping by the Castex pool. "But … it's not Fabian Barthes, if he is, he is indeed the winner of the 1998 World Cup, which runs in secret, on foot, in front of the island of Ramire, the refuge of the Toulouse Club of dolphins from Tuc.

In the water, line 1, another champion swallows the length of 50 meters. On this mid-November morning, sunny but stormy, Tony Mogio is practicing his great challenge, scheduled for June 14, 2019: to connect the ports of Saint Maxim and the swimming of Saint-Tropez.

Four miles of swimming in the Mediterranean has been solid for a legal one. So for the quadriplegic … "I was looking for a sport that could make my life difficult," says a 33-year-old amateur rugby player. Paraplegic under the shoulders, he can rely only on his deltoid and trapezoidal muscles, damaged but functional, print movements, and develop in water. "Swimming is hard, I draw on my reserves."

His "godfather" Florent of Manado met on a shot

Tony Moggio found himself in a chair after a melee, in 2010. Spine. For his new life, he shot five years later in the book, A broken whore. The second is in preparation. Otherwise, thirty-something, former military then train, giving lectures. This summer he also played the witnesses in the short program What is the question On TF1, to sweep taboo on disability. Not to mention a role Dressing rooms, France Series 2 around two handisport swimmers.

"I take things when they come," says Hao-Garnau when asked about this bulimia of activities. Over the past seven months, most of his time has been devoted to this passage of Saint-Tropez Bay, where he organizes and plays. A challenge sponsored by Olympic champion Florent Manaudou, the swimmer became a handball player met on the set of Dressing rooms.

The program may change, but the former hooker trains between five and six hours a week, without counting the amount of time with the physiotherapist. Tony Muggio never goes alone, but surrounded by his clan, in full on Thursday morning: his wife Marie, his parents Jean Claude and Dominic, cousin Thierry who follows him in the water and helps him eat. From the end, his friend and coach Christoph Vidoni provides encouragement and advice.

"We left the unknown a bit, admits the lifeguard, former world champion kickboxing, but there was enthusiasm, but we did not know how it would be, today you sometimes have to stop Tony, we can not predict the weather,

20 minutes Met Tony Muggio at the beginning of his preparations, on April 23 at the swimming pool of Saint-Alban, in the suburbs of Toulouse. Since then, his equipment had improved, the armchair that had started his shoulders had been repaired. Before last Thursday, he checked for the first time about the distance of his challenge, this summer at Aspet's municipal pool in Comming. The former front line of Castelginest took about 5h30 to cover 4 km.

"He has already improved his lungs and heart capacity"

At least two more general rehearsals are planned before the largest swim in the Mediterranean. Disability prevents him from about 40% of the volume of breath, and infections, especially urinary tract infections, are not uncommon. "But he has already improved his lungs and heart capacity," notes Christoph Vidoni. The benefits of sports are visible. "

Tony Moggio was trained by his cousin Thierry, in the water, his coach Christophe Vidoni and his father Méné Claude on November 15, 2018 at the Castex pool in Toulouse.
Tony Moggio was trained by his cousin Thierry, in the water, his coach Christophe Vidoni and his father Méné Claude on November 15, 2018 at the Castex pool in Toulouse. – N. Stable / 20 minutes

And they're not just physical. "I get a lot of messages from people, with or without disabilities," says Tony Moggio, who is very active on social networks, and tells me that I give them a smile: "I repeat what happened in my life, My accident to this day. Without forgetting tomorrow: "With my wife, our next project is to have a child."

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