Thursday , June 17 2021

Several arrests in Nice followed the wild shooting of clips of the AK rapper with dummy weapons

It was through a press release from NICE Mayor Christian Astrosi that we learned on Wednesday, November 14 Some participants in the wild rap video shot in the neighborhoods of Rort and Las Planes, north of Nice, were arrested.

In this text, one is selected to sharply denounces the clips of the rapper and AK Calls upon the courts to impose exemplary and absolute sanctions on all individuals identified as a result of the ongoing investigation.

The case is dated November 2, rapper AK Post two clips on YouTube. You can see young people from the neighborhoods of Las Planes and Rouret in Nice, wearing masks and Weapons carriers, including punch punch, pump guns and baseball bats.

Jean-Michel Prata, the attorney general in Nice, confirmed to us on the phone that the weapon was fake, "plastic."

Officers of the city's urban inspection center identified the shooting and then immediately informed the national police. Two heroes were captured, including the rapper himself. According to the prosecutor, "he is accused of illegal occupation of the public domain.Not weapons lie, no claim on this issue."
Only the organizer of the demonstration can be responsible. AK will have to appear at the beginning of 2019 for this foul.

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