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These are large cities that best combine the CDI approach to purchasing a better home

Grenoble, number 1 to find work and home

Grenoble, number 1 to find work and home

Grenoble, number 1 to find work and home (© Jean-Pierre Clatot – AFP)

Meilleurtaux has partnered with Jobijoba to create a barometer of the attractiveness of the major cities in France. Grenoble is the most convenient city in terms of employment and real estate purchasing power.

( – Which city has one big house to easily find a job? For the second consecutive year, Meillurtaux and Jobijoba met their data on available injection – a quasi-mandatory criterion for obtaining a mortgage – and the purchasing power of real estate * calculated the average salary in each city.The interest rate is managed locally in the price of real estate.

The first lesson is that "2018 will be less positive than 2017, and especially because of real estate prices," says Mal Bernier, director of communications and spokesman for Real estate prices rose 5.8 percent on average in the 20 cities surveyed, "The number of square meters accessible thus decreasing by an average of 7%," says Mal Bernier. "At the same time," the total number of jobs in the 20 major cities in France has dropped slightly, "said Thomas Elir , CEO of Jobijoba. Thus, 1,191,286 proposals in twenty major cities of study were recorded in 2018 compared to 1,264,027 proposals in 2017, a decrease of 5.7%. The rate of permanent contracts per 100 residents also fell from 6.75% to 6.2%.

This year, the winner is Grenoble, who takes the lead. The capital of the Department of Letha dethroned department, champion last year. Grenoble offers 12.3 CDI per 100 inhabitants while Lille offers only 10.7. The number of accessible nuisances decreased in both cities compared to last year. Real estate acquired power increased from 66.3 square meters to 60 square meters in Grenoble, and from 57.4 square meters to 49 square meters Lille. Lyon completes the leading trio, gaining place over 2017. "This performance is clearly driven by employment with 13.8 proposals CDI for every 100 inhabitants, making the capital city of Gauls the first city in the ranking of national employment, "observes Thomas Elir.This position is obtained despite the relatively low purchasing power of real estate: 36 square meters accessible, placing the 17th Lyon in France between The 20 big cities.

A meteoric rise in Le Mans

Note the excellent progress of Le Mans which went from 10th place in last year's ranking to 4 this year. If job offers on fixed contracts remain low – 5.5 fixed contracts for 100 residents is the 11th rank – the city earns real estate purchasing power with 83 square meters accessible (against 73 square meters in 2017), second place in terms of real estate , Behind San Etienne (108 square meters).

At the bottom of the rating, there is no big surprise. Nice is the last with some fixed contracts (3.3 per 100 inhabitants) and limited purchasing power real estate (36 square meters.) The penultimate place is Marseille where the purchasing power is better (52 square meters) but there very little CDI are offered ( 2.5 per 100 inhabitants), as does Toulon, which offers a fixed number of jobs (2.3%), but purchasing power is more important (61 square meters). And finally, in 17th place, is Paris. In the area of ​​employment, the capital ranked ninth with 6.8 proposals of CDI per 100 inhabitants – compared to 2017. "But real estate prices, always on the rise, remain prohibitive: 22 square meters accessible only City light remains attractive for variety and multiplicity of offers , But access to housing increasingly difficult, "notes Meilleurtaux.

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