Thursday , January 21 2021

Today's medal of the football club Vendée welcomes his striker who put an end to two years of famine!

Ball in the bottom nets on a football field.
Ball in the bottom nets on a football field. (MAXPPP)

In Vendée, it is not just Herbiers, finishing last year's Coupe de France against the PSG. There is also the FC3M (the union of Meilleraie-Tillay, Montournais and Menomblet) which evolves it to the departmental, but comes to Ligue 1's place of laughter if we can create it!

On Twitter appeared in the last few hours in a press release in particular: FC3M, therefore, who welcomes his star striker, "The idol of young men", Gustine Godett, Stéphane Guivarc h bocage, that finally scored a goal after … Two years of famine!

729 days without scoring a goal. And despite the efforts of his teammates and his president, Ki Barreau. "Last year already at that time was a pilgrimage with some teammates who burned candles a year after the last goal. Today, it was planned to go on pilgrimage to the stadium where he scored his last goal in the official game, which had to be canceled yesterday because he scored and he hit All odds, it was perseverance paid off. "

Gustine Goudeet finally put the goal, in the first minute of the game against St. Andre Gola, challenge Wanda this weekend. Gustine, released, delivered … and clear: "It was a pretty bad goal but it came back despite everything, the ball did not come very fast in my legs and the ball did not go very fast goal and I'm proud of it because it gives me a boost in the race.

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