Sunday , January 24 2021

BVG sees itself with new buses on the "amount of time"

The bus fleet of Berliner Verkhearspeterieva (BVG) is reinforced by new monopolists and authentic buses. By the end of the year, 20 new models will travel through the streets of Berlin, the company said, presenting the buses on Tuesday at the Müllerstraße billion yard. "These modern and convenient buses keep our fleet up to date," said CEO Sigrid Nikota.

Both models of the "Citaro" of Mercedes Benz with conventional combustion engines can drive around 70 and formulated formula 100 passengers. New USB sockets that allow passengers to charge their cell phones. In addition, a warning signal will be heard on the doors if the cell is blocked. It should save the nerves of drivers and passengers.

Sheds for wheelchairs and carts will be better labeled – so promise. More counter-design of the inner railing and railing to make it easier for people with disabilities to ride.

Under the agreement with the manufacturer, BVG can purchase 350 monoplanes and 600 bus buses. However, he does not have to do so: it depends on the development of the market of electronic buses, according to transport companies.

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