Friday , May 14 2021

Cold in Berlin: Homeless people are not allowed to sleep at the underground stations – Berlin

On the coming nights it will be really cold in Berlin – but at the subway stations of the capital homeless people can not stay overnight. The joint search by the Berlin Verkehrsbetrieben Berliner BVG for spare rooms for existing cold storage stations has so far failed. "There is still no solution," said BVG spokeswoman Petra Raz.

In recent years, public transport operators have opened certain stations in the winter at night to homeless people. This year, this proposal should no longer exist because of security concerns.

After a conversation with social senator Elke Breitenbach (left), the company said but to release previously unused areas in several stations. It is designed to keep homeless the power lines on the tracks. Which surfaces are exactly the question has not yet been tested. They looked at the rooms, the test was not yet complete, said Runner. As a reason, she noted, among other fire safety concerns. First, the RBB reported this.

According to Rach, the BVG wants to do everything to satisfy those in need. She hung posters at stations with addresses and phone numbers of accommodations and provided her team with pamphlets. "No one is sent into the night," said Runner. However, she noted that BVG was not an institution of relief and relief. (AP)

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