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Fourth Islava Conference: Özdemir and supporters found the "Initiative secular Islam"

Germany Fourth Islamic Conference

Özdemir and supporters found "Initiative secular Islam"

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The former leader of the Greens, Cem Özdemir, wants The former leader of the Greens, Cem Özdemir, wants

The former green leader Cem Özdemir wants to work for "contemporary" Islam

Source: dpa / Michael Kappeler

The following week begins the fourth German Islamic Conference. True politicians Cem Özdemir and eight others present their ideas on modern Islam forward. Necla Kelek and Hamed Abdel-Samad are also among the supporters.

KShortly before the fourth German Islamic Conference, a group of politicians, journalists, scientists and stakeholders launched the "Islamic Secretariat Initiative". "We are worried about an increasing anti-Muslim feeling, but at the same time increasing Islamism" writes the former green leader Cem Özdemir and the other nine first signatures in the text text published in the "Zeit". "We do not want to resign us to the growing power of democracy-far away, politicized Islam, which affirms the sovereignty of the interpretation of all Islam".

The group criticizes the superiority of religious conservative associations in the Islamic Conference and wants to "hear" a contemporary understanding of Islam. "Of course we reject a distinction between believers and unbelievers," says the manifesto.

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V. l .: Cem Ozdemir, Necla Kelek, Abdel-Hakim Ourghi

Muslim-oriented reforms

Contemporary "German" Islam must be independent of foreign governments and organizations in every respect. "Therefore, but also because of democratic reserves we reject the recognition of Islamic associations as public corporations".

Since 2006, the Islamic Conference was a discussion forum of the government with representatives of Islam in Germany. The winning event for the next Islamic Conference will take place on the next Wednesday. The format is expanded under the Ministry of Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU). In the future, there are more people who are not active in Muslim official organizations. The signatories, including lawyer Seyran Ates, political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad, and sociologist Necla Kelek, welcomed this.

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