Monday , June 14 2021

iOS 13: Apple's handwriting recognition uses bad words

In iOS 13 or iPadOS, Apple's handwritten recognition obviously should hide some words automatically. The new term filtering is evident in the handwritten insert with the Apple Pencil in the notes app: swear words and other vulgarisms are replaced by subtraction in the transcript, which makes the title for the handwritten note, and has thus become unrecognizable, as developers with access. Report on the latest beta operating system for the iPad operating system.

Currently, Apple's word filter seems to take into account only English-language defects, even terms like "shit" or "ass" are constantly hidden. Even acronyms like "WTF" replace the annotated app in the title proposal with non-advertisements. The German oaths are currently preserved in textual form, reportedly – unless the handwriting acknowledges them at all. The word filter first attracted a Reddit user when leaving a manuscript in the app.

Handwriting recognition has been used since iOS 11 that iPad users can later search for their handwritten left notes. IOS 13 adds the automatically created title suggestions. If you enter the swear word in the search system, the associated note will appear with the term hidden in the title – the system captures it correctly.

The obscenities are stored in the handwritten text, users can also set the title proposal with a key and simply insert the deleted word there. When typing no deleted words on the keyboard, emphasize developers.

There is currently no way to disable the dirty word filter. He is active even if no parental control function is used in the device. Whether the word filter is stored in the final version of iOS 13 / iPadOS remains for the moment. For the general public, the update is expected to be released in September.

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