Tuesday , January 26 2021

Jens Lehmann should avoid taxes and discouraged revenue revenues

Only with additional payments of taxes and paid income, he could avoid a trial. The inactive funds were discovered in 2012 by the Hauptzollamt Speyer, as the "Handelsblatt" writes.

It was assumed that the employees found bank accounts addressed to Lehmann from Switzerland Bank Bank's bank accounts. Munich's fiscal investigation then took over the case and obtained an agreement on the "intentional and sustainable actions" of 49 years.

Lehmann could avoid a trial with money

After five years of investigation, in July 2016, they sent their report to the Munich prosecutor's office, stating the amount of € 934,837 in taxes that Lehmann evaded. Although the prosecutor's office came to a lower level after an exhaustive investigation, it still found a sex dip damage, the newspaper said.

Lehmann paid the taxes and also a cash deposit, which was the beginning of 2017, a request was avoided. "My case was closed, and I had to pay 100,000 euros to meet a question that could exist and be paid in court," Lehmann told the newspaper Bild.

No taxes to Germany only with a fixed address

Much of its discharged cash flows should be an announcement of income from the German Soccer Association and sponsor Nike. In order not to impose to impose these Lehmann, he founded two companies in the Channel Islands Jersey, as the "Handelsblatt" writes.

Since only its English income is taxed in London, but not from other countries, its recorders' remittances are far away from the German rates. In order to pay hardly some taxes in Germany, he only had to deceive the German taxes not to have a fixed address in Germany after his move to the London Arsenal in Dortmund.

Holder: Jens always wanted to have a home in Dortmund

It is said that he rented his house in November 2003 at a very generous price to his family's friend. The property of 300 square meters with eight rooms and three bathrooms supposedly occupied the wife of her mother-in-law for 1000 euros per month. However, family photos of the Lehmanns in the old Dortmunder address in the coming years would indicate that Jens continued to use the house and its locations in a considerable measure for their family, such as the "Handelsblatt further reports.

Proclamations by the prosecutor's accuser would confirm this thesis. Therefore, it was important for his owner Jens Lehmann to have a home in Dortmund always and to keep his children's rooms useless.

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