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National team: Löw will not be a problem with the drop of the League of Nations


national Löw will not have a problem with the League of Nations drop

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This is more important than Jogi Löw than the result

Although it is only a friendly game, Joachim Low wants to avoid another obstacle to the "compensation" mission after the World Cup disaster. How to do it, you'll learn here.

The national coach expects to play against Russia and the Netherlands. He has little hope of getting hurt by Marco Rouse, but Joachim Lww calls three young players who can play for the first time for the DFB selection soon.

DThe stadium in Leipzig is expected to be empty around a quarter on Thursday evening. "We can not fully expect the fans to run us in this situation," said Joachim Lw at his press conference before friendly against Russia (20.45, RTL). To date, only about 30,000 of 42,000 tickets have been sold. "That's partly because of our achievements this year."

For the team, this is after the World Cup World Cup debut and defeats in the League of Nations to ensure a good finish to the international game. Marco Rouse should give up the national coach, Captain Borussia Dortmund suffers from Fußprellung.

National football team training

Reagan in Leipzig: Germany coach Joachim Levy and wing researcher Leroy Sian

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If Rouse in the final group of the League of Nations on Monday in Gelsenkirchen against the Netherlands can play is questionable. "He's supposed to do an easy workout run on Thursday, but we have to look day by day," says Löw.

Candidate of Luw for 2019

The goal will play against Russia Manuel Neuer, in the attack probably Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sané and Timo Werner, the young trio storm was convinced in the middle 1: 2 in mid-October in the World Cup France.

This brings Bayern professional Serge Genbury from England

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After encouraging signals of 1: 2 against France in October sees the new generation of national team in a strengthened position. Genabic is one of the first break sections.

The decline in the United Nations will not be so bad: "Maybe we made the mistake of hanging the League of Nations a bit too high, and if we go down, it's not the end of the world. "

While it is not clear whether Thomas Muller against Russia will be part of the starting 11, Löw wants to hold him on sight. "Although he was not able to present himself in the last race, he is an actor who gives a lot of energy, Thomas drives the other players, he still has features and he can decide games. He saw the Bayern players usually in the top game in Borussia Dortmund over 60 to 70 minutes in good condition.

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Levy said he could soon appoint other young Bundesliga players. Werder Bremen, Maximilian Agstein, is already very mature and seasoned, and Venus Hoffman of Russia in Monchladbach said: "I like him." Lucas Kloosterman of Leipzig is also watching him closely. Classic center forward missing Löw. "It would be desirable to have one that unites everything, we do not have a typical center forward Kwani, Suarez, Lavandowski," he said.

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