Wednesday , January 27 2021

Oops! Lena Meyer-Landrut extends the carrier – fans out

Lena Meyer-Landrut published a new internet photo in which the carrier slides. The fans are excited.

Hannover – Singer and Installations Lena Meyer-Landrut (27) are used to have her photos discussed in the network. As soon as she publishes a picture than her 2.3 million fans are earnestly saying about it. The winner of the 2010 "Eurovision Song Contest" but also attracts regular thunderstorms and bad gas on himself. Therefore, the 27-year-old is committed to hatred on the network, which affects women's specialties in extreme form.

Sometimes the costume is too short for the fans, sometimes Lena is too thin – as good as there is always something to complain. But not as much as her latest picture – and that, although the singer let her look deep – or maybe that's why? Has Lena's commitment been effective, and her fanatics finally admit that free movement is not a reason to hit a woman?

In the image, she closes herself, dressed in glittering gold pants and a white bottom tip. She looks like a family in the room to which she writes: "We are now". One detail is particularly striking in the photo: her cracked carrier. Whether the deep views are desired or not – the fans are completely excited about the screen. Almost exclusively positive comments such as "Great young woman!" And "A very nice and beautiful image of you, you look great" recovers the image.

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