Wednesday , November 25 2020

Radio Hamburg Podcast – listen to the movie podcast and win 3×2 tickets for "Fantastic Beasts 2"

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Finally, the new movie podcast episode here. And listen, it's worth it, because we have 3×2 tickets for "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald Crime".

Finally it's time again – for some time in the cinema. This time, the journey through the most famous universe takes us to what the movie and world book has to offer: Piano Potter. We then proceed to the Slapstick station, with a stop at Horror-Hausen until it reaches its final destination: a drama village with a dash of comedy. Start, check out the film reviews from our inner film Christian Ost and get the chance to win one of the 3×2 tickets to "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelswald Crime".

Fantastic Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes

If you see the first part of "Fantastic Animals," you probably remember one of the last scenes in the film: Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) was captured by Newt Skander (Eddie Redmayne) and ends in jail.

The first trailer of the new film has already told us that Grindelwald wants to destroy the peace between magicians and muggles after he gets a vision that predicts just that. He breaks out of jail and seeks his followers to help him in his plans against the non-magicians.

His good friend Dumbledore can stop him, but he protects himself because he has been a friend of Grindelwald for years. He gets help from Newt Scamander and his brother Theseus Fraud (Callum Turner). Together with Jacob (Dan Vogler), Tina (Katherine Waterston) and Kevin (Alison Sudol), whom we all know from the first part, Newt goes on a spectacular adventure.

Night school

A person who has always done well without a school leaving a certificate is shot by a hitch and has to look for a new job. He has already found a direction, because he wants to be a stockbroker. However, it is not without a degree, which is now compensates at school in the evening. But the former education of the school is now in May, which he now wants to make life difficult.


A young dancer travels to Germany to complete a name for a famous dance ensemble. She quickly becomes friendly with a friend of arms and in Madame Blanc's direction she makes great progress. But strange things happen soon, especially when a young dancer learns that another girl mysteriously disappeared. Soon the mystery of the dance school, which is not of this world, is revealed.

JOLYET, decorated

A man named Duncan, who after years again releases an album he made with the help of singer-songwriter Crowe. But Duncan Annie's girlfriend is not at all convinced of the album and criticizes it negatively. So Crowe connects to her personally and soon there is an amazing chemistry between the two. Will they be more?

3×2 Secure Tickets to "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald Crime"

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Participation in lottery is possible from 18 years.

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