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Rebecca Reusch from Berlin misses: Mother speaks desperately in a TV documentary: "I'm afraid that …"

Barely half a year old, Rebecca Reusch is gone, TV Now has released a documentary on the case. It also expresses her family.

Berlin – Rebecca Reusch from Berlin has been missing for almost six months, and there is still no trace of the student. The investigation into the crime case has apparently stopped, but a now-released television documentary brings as yet unknown findings to the case.

The movie about the disappearance of the girl from Berlin, released by TV NOW, takes about 45 minutes. "Where's Rebecca? Between Hoffen and Bangen" the filmmakers call the summary of what happened in the case. The documentation also includes relatives of the missing. The girl's family talks openly about the investigation and thus reveals previously unknown facts.

Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is still missing: Family talks about disappearance

The general events surrounding the disappearance of the 15-year-olds are known. The student stayed Sunday night in the house of her older sister and her husband Florian. The next morning Jessica R. leaves the house with her daughter in the morning. Shortly before her husband returns home from celebrating with colleagues. While Jessica R. brings her daughter to the nursery, Florian R. goes to bed.

But at this time the illustrated versions of the morning are different. The girl's later suspected brother-in-law claims to have fallen asleep directly. However, as the parents of the missing persons explain in the broadcast documentary, it is already the first suspicion of the police this time. While the young man wants to sleep in bed and sleep, Florian R. has logged in to WhatsApp by system. A contradiction that will decide for the police a few days later.

Berlin: 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch is gone: Where's the student?

The mother of the 15-year-old schoolgirl explains in the television documentary then the next suspect of investigating officials. Concerned that her daughter might fall asleep and be late for school, Brigitte Reusch telephones her brother-in-law by phone at 7:15 pm on Monday morning. He must wake up Rebecca. But when Brigitte Reusch calls the suspect, he pushes her away.

"That's when I thought, OK in your sleep. Then I'm ready and I'm going to wake my child. But then my son-in-law called me back," explains the mother of three in the interview. As Florian R. wants to see the phone on the ear after Rebecca, this was no longer on the sofa bed in the living room. Both assume that the 15-year-old would already leave the house toward school. The disappearance of the girl is therefore not noticed until early evening.

Berlin: Brigitte Reusch talks in a television documentary about Rebecca's disappearance

A few days later, police search for the missing student. Shortly thereafter, the girl's brother-in-law is arrested twice. At the same time, the police are publishing a dramatic report, as investigative officials say: Rebecca cannot have left the house alive. According to what evidence or evidence the investigators suspect the death of the 15-year-old remains unknown. Even a call in the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY" does not bring the expected success.

In the now-aired television documentary, however, it should erode hope with a statement from the prosecutor Berlin. Silke Becker explains: "We are far from talking about a cold case. Of course, she is still alive." A glimmer of hope for the missing family. In the interview Brigitte Reusch explains with tears: "I still remember how she feels. But sometimes I'm afraid I will miss her. How does she feel?"

Video: Fall of the Missing Rebecca Reusch

These people are also missing:

Mannheim police are now searching for the 15-year-old Ha Anh N. from Vietnam. The girl attended a language school in Heidelberg, now she is missing.

The only eight-year-old Alexandra from Sigmaringen is missing five weeks. The police have now expressed a concrete suspicion.

As of Friday, every trace of him missing, has now released to Erfurt police a photo of the missing Gerrit Störmer. The search for the 26-year-old has so far failed.

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