Monday , June 14 2021

The bachelor: "I'm coming in with her!" He lands in bed with Gerda today

"I'm coming in with her …", says Tim in the new bachelor episode. Is RTL showing the first match of the running season? Be careful, spoilers!

In the new baccalaureate episode, which shows RTL on Wednesday (and which is already visible in the stream on TV Now), we are experiencing the first date night of the current season. As the lucky participant later reported, not only did the champagne corks appear on the romantic evening.

Beware, robbers! If you do not want to see the bachelor's degree on TV until Wednesday, then you do NOT have to read!

That Bachelorette Gerda Lewis liked Police Tim more than is obvious. In the new episode, she invites him to dinner at her villa. So far Tim has noticed the dates mainly with great timidity. Last week, he even blocked a baccalaureate kiss. He was too fast.

Spicy revelations at the Bachelorette: They had a tripod!

Also in the villa he is again very restrained during the night supper. That's why the bachelor's degree is enough alcohol (the wine of the brand "Pierlant" and Martini "Pride" is – keyword: product placement! – to see clearly). Then Gerda fell down on the couch. Tim talks to an affiliate again, then comes to the Knutscherei, the bachelor's initiative. In the pool rolls, then hints Gerda: "Do you think the evening could be even better?" But Tim doesn't get the hint, of course: "No? Hot pool maybe?" No, you supervisor! The spell is more likely to have its bed in mind.

Gerda has to help the speed controller: "Nah. It would be nice if you just stayed here." He doesn't know: "Here?" With one look in her bedroom she says to the little girl: "Sleep with me!" The two retreat into the bedroom. bedroom. Gerda turns off the blind and turns on the light.

The bachelor: "I think he's crazy!"

The next day, Tim returns to baby the Candidate Village. Serkan notices it immediately: "He is deeply relaxed. I think he has failed."

In the circle of candidates, he is now reporting on what happened: "I enter the nine o'clock in her … So into the house!" Everyone laughs, only Oggy looks repentant. And what happened in the end? Tim: "Then we get up and then the cameras are turned off."

Oggy wants to know for sure: "So the fact is Tim, so that no questions arise: You didn't play" Man-So-You-No "when the cameras were turned off. No cards were exchanged either. But they did what people were ready to do. "

Tim: "It was really awesome. And I really liked her."

Oggy with remarkable sarcasm: "Yes, friends! Then congratulate him once for his work he has completed. The brother has succeeded!"

Now, the man should have opened the light: At the undergraduate level the first conversation took place.

Surprising confession of the "bachelor's degree"

Then the bachelor party looks at a cake in the candidate's villa. But: After the date night, the mood is bitter. The candidates say nothing. Gerda: "You make me nervous!"

Later, she seeks out the conversation with Keno, who first kissed her. Does anyone have a guilty conscience? Tea continues the offense: "You don't know how serious you are about taking certain things. No matter how much you think about the person." "

But hey: If there are so many attractive candidates, you'd be stupid as a bachelorette if you didn't exploit that. Not saying Gerda, but coming to Keno like: "I say it so hard: Even if I was in the final and you knew, there were now four guys where you stayed with all the garrisons … That's a hard decision to say in the end if you want it. "

Plain: Tea does not want a bachelorette born in the zodiac seamstress.

Now Gerda is talking a little too. "I think of you often!" She whispers into his ear as he says goodbye.

That Keno still has a date night, the RTL unintentionally betrayed in the first bachelor episode, as seen by a teddy bear, while Gerda wakes up in her tattooed arms. But that's not all: There are growing signs that Keno may end up being the winner this season.

And another little spoiler: At the end of the new Bachelorette episode Keno gets a rose again. So does Tim


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