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A strong response to Safrieli after the show was canceled – "He was immune to his excessive demands" – Life & the City

There is no end between "stages of the theater" and Mark Sperlis. Following the cancellation of the show "Beloved Liar" at the Palace, which was due in February and the player's statement in "Counter-attack", the production company goes "Theatrical Scenes".

Solitude at the Athens Theater after the appearance of Sperlys

In her announcement she answers Marco Sperley. As the actor said, "he was immune to his exaggerated demands, despite the company's efforts to fight."

Theater scenes respond to what Marcus Sprelis said in a press release:

"The Theater SCENE SA reiterates its consistent position that no responsibility or guilt lies in the need to cancel or cancel the transfer of" desired spirits "at the Palace, denying any recent conflicting claims or proposals made by Mr. Sperlis, in which we note the following:

According to the company's regular practice regarding its productions, any actress who is about to participate in a theatrical production, signs a written form of basic terms, in which the economic agreement of the parties and the concession of his rights to interpretation, and later, but before the rehearsals, the analytic contracts are signed. It should be noted that the basic economic conditions agreed between the parties (reflected in the above mentioned document) include, if agreed upon, all the conditions that constitute the economic agreement (such as guaranteed minimum wage and / or advance, etc.) Procedures for payment of consideration.

The requirement of these conditions, when they involve very large quantities, which vary on the basis and substance of the initial economic agreement, do not in any way constitute individual predictions, but rather endanger the basic agreement itself. All the more so when the other party (in this case, Mr. Sperlis) believes that the specific agreement (outside the borders) can not be negotiated.

In full convergence in February 2018, with Mr. M. Sperlis (as well as with all the other players in the exhibition), signed a parallel form of basic conditions, which described our financial agreement and the concession of relatives of rights in interpretation and participation in these performances.

In order to clarify any misunderstanding, it is hereby clarified that the permit to transfer the particular play was legal and written by our company under a contract with the heirs of the Passata, and no such "intellectual" right belonged to Mr. Shafrali and was not given to her by Mr. Sperlis to our company.

It should be noted that there is no delay in sending the analytical contract to Mr. Sperlis, since it was definitely in time, that is, more than a month before rehearsals and at least four full months before the planned premiere of the show, a serious or detailed contract.

This contract was never signed, since Mr. Safris claimed substantial amendments that did not imply agreements between us and the company, but outside the trading procedures of the theater market in question. Mr. Peralis is immune to his excessive demands, despite the company's efforts.

Our company, which, despite its relatively short operating time, has proven its credibility, professionalism and high quality of service, having already achieved many artistic and commercial theatrical successes, has been in a negative position to cancel the above impression, informing all involved players, That we have made every possible effort to allow the performance to take place, but unfortunately our efforts have been frustrated for reasons beyond our sphere of influence and responsibility (and as a result our company has suffered major business damages and moral damages from this cancellation).

In any case, we are grateful to all of our partners who support the company, and we want to assure them that we will make every effort to soon cooperate in this "climbing" or other production.

Thank you very much,
Stages of the theater. "

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