Saturday , January 16 2021

Art Shock Shock for With Theater Outfit that tried to rape taxi driver

Shock caused the event with the proven driver's rape a week ago, as well as a few hours to reveal the data of the maker.

Indeed, with a proconsul's order, his data and photos became public. According to the announcement, the 29-year-old "was arrested on 13-11-2018 in Abelokipi for rape, because he was accused of insulting nationals," while "the six-month public disclosure, according to the serious Ordinary Attorney, aims to protect the whole society and make the State's intent on punishing the offenses to be easier and to investigate its participation in other offenses ".


And who is this 29 year old? He is Giorgos Karkas, he is an actor and is a master of the art theater.

According to information, the 24-year-old taxi driver received the presented and suspected criminal to take him to Ambelokipi.

The taxi driver demanded the police that when they arrived at their destination, they expected three other men who had proposed him to follow. As he argued, he refused and – without his 27-year-old client, who supposedly used drugs – started off the road. The "race" finally ended at the Hippocrata Hospital. According to the taxi driver, his 27-year-old client seemed to have lost his feelings. But the taxi driver himself also felt inconvenience and, vomiting, fell uncomfortably on the ground.

Doctors hastened to offer first aid. The taxi driver recovered his feelings, but told the doctors that he felt his entity. When he met, he cried out to his client and knocked him with blows and kicks. "What did you give me?" She exclaimed.

According to police sources, the taxi driver felt that his 27-year-old customer was worried about him and told doctors that he was injured. According to the same sources of EL.AS, the chronicler, who was examined by the taxi driver, found him sexually abused. The accusation accused by the Police in Georgios Karkas is for rape.

The Ampelokipi Security men were arrested due to the incident that arrested the customer because he had drugs and spray on him.

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