Tuesday , January 26 2021

Horror in Kypseli: Woman found dead – she was biting from her pitbull on the face – Dikaiologitika News

All this happened half an hour after midnight. The man was worried that he had no news from his 60-year-old girlfriend and went to see what was happening. He pressed the door, but no one opened it. She had to break it and saw a horrible sight. She saw her standing on the sofa, her face half-eaten. Next to the dog dog.

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Initial assessments by police report that the woman lost her life for some unknown reason. The dog, who was a day without food, began to eat the poor woman's meat. And they came to this estimate because there was no blood in the apartment and the woman had sepsis.

The NCP will illustrate the exact causes of death.

According to the Theodosis Pano report

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