Thursday , June 17 2021

"Reddish" as a devoted and pre-Henri Henri Superleg

This is not, of course, the first time that the name of George & Masoura for Olympiacos is reflected. Modesto and Karembe recently tested the Ace of Panionios, As well as other cases by the club of Nea Smyrna. It has the importance of being seen by these two managers and shows that they give the approval.

Ace of Panionios was born in 1994 and has 4 goals in 10 games in the Premier League and was honored with his first call to the National Greece of Men. Masoretic is one of the players who love the port in the Greek market, even with January scenery. There has been a preliminary call and initial preparation (both on the side of the player and Panionios), but there is still no final agreement (or first or final agreement) for but he has the importance of looking at the pirates playing in their place. However, Olympiakos (and) do not seem to have anything … given Sophie. However, a group of Piraeus size has always a great dynamics, especially in the Greek market. The sequel remains to be seen.

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