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Blond was a sexual bomb – Lion She did not even know her son – Home star

Lion Son In 2002, the country was known as the American blonde comedy bomb. However, in the new Hungarian comedy, The lender, on February 14, can hardly recognize it for the first time: its appearance was completely reproached for its role in the film. The Dundia manio plays as much as possible the obscene and introverted historian poet Petr Cook, of the world, the people, that is a sharp contrast to the comic figures that were formed before the rooms.

When Kata Dobó, the director of the romantic comedy, shared the role, he also asked for a change of style. Whatever the filmmakers ever had, no.

– He has gone away from me. I remember the moment I looked into the mirror, and I was very surprised to look like it, "he said, laughing at his first encounter with a new lion Szonja.

He had to hide his blond tufts behind Cleopatra's brown brown landscapes, and then add thick eyes, and a special style that had already put the life of the borrowers' heroes and turned his head to the top. Conservative character

Sonia lion lens

The actress eagerly awaits the acceptance of the audience about her many funny characters, with whom she shares passion. Like Petra Cook in the film, he is also a very friendly animal in civilian. He has a dog, has a dog, and does veterinarians, but he does not plan to change his profession. The actress's career, however, is not only built at home, but also in the United States, where she is in the majority of the year.

The work of Máté Haumann, Eszter Balla, Szonja Oroszlán, Szonja László, Klem, Dorina Martinovics, Ramó Kiss, Janka Kopek, Simon Szabó and Tibor Fehér will be a fresh, young and entertaining comedy for all ages.

One of the main hackers of the events is Henrik – Klem Viktor – the sample of the bartist's spouses. Her next lesson lesson is with her extremely attractive skilled girl, Venus – the friend and business partner of Ramóna Kiss, Balázs – Máté Haumann – in her transformed home. The place, however, not only remembered her. Enrique, Bela – Dorina Martinovics's wife – would like to cheat her beautiful yoga teacher – Tibor Fehér – to avenge her infamous husband. The situation is complicated due to the fact that the renovation of the apartment, Mario – Szabó Simon – would also lend a few hours with his fan – Kopek Janka. Meanwhile, the owner Anikó – Balla Eszter – and Balázs tries to save the rescue in each region. However, with the appearance of the famous writer Petra Petra, Leon's son, the panic culminates and everything is on his head.

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