Sunday , January 29 2023

By bipartisan means it is possible to say Brussels, not the Hungarian state


Lord again skipped the two cheese bales. Now let's try to make it "outrageous" for the Hungarian Tourism Board to determine that if the government has more than 100 thousand investments, then according to the image guide, you should tell the crowd the suitcase. Well, we have to be bitter about the oblique baliber cheese because it is not the "evil" government of Hungary, but the solution used by the European Union and the principle, for all EU funded projects. Which, of course, in 15 years has been nothing wrong with the always-cold balm cheese in the Brussels office.

In contrast to the 24 and 444 Soros articles, the fact is that the Kisfaludy Program Booklet Brochure is based on the Szchenyi 2020 European Union Benefit Image Booklet, and that the content of the bookmarks is also correct.

Forrs: Origo

as in the case of garments from Union sources, according to the European Union, the principle, according to the manual of pictures, was to say "thank you from the Hungarian Republic and the European Union", and when it comes to investments made only from domestic sources, it is similar to the phrase "Ksznjk Government of Hungary".There is nothing cliché about it, that is, it is not Hungarian.

In the above case, there is nothing surprising, only a better manifestation of the Baliberian concern.In the end, in all EU countries, one thinks about how much money the European Union has given to the project, and then concludes that the project was funded by the European Union.Of course there is nothing wrong with the Baliberian, opposition cheese, and in 15 years – our country is a member of the EU – there has never been a time for Brussels to have a project on the risplakt.

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