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Cancel your deposit – Suzuki Jimny GLX 1.5 auto test


The shape does not exactly add complexity to fractals, so it is a single line ending in a cube. Even during his running, he would have been the central part of false jokes, with a time of over 130 years, I kept thinking when I fell into the river. Mgis, plyafutsom's most beloved and favorite car, was the new Suzuki Jimny. Yes, and it goes on the ground like mud.

it is worth noting immediately that Jimny does not go to the beach, visits the barber shop several times a week, in search of love and silence in the city. But not because Suzukin tried to make the btor not only win over a high car as a terrain, but behave in every element.

The shape is based on the simplest elements, which is why it is so thousand: whoever fills it in will start nailing it. Click on the kpi for Galri!Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

By all means, I can respect a thousand Suzuki because this decision included a huge possibility of a large commercial ox. But the opposite is true:We still have 6-9 days to wait for the new Jimny,so great is the order. Are you right to think about the need for a not-so-modern and not-so-terrific plot in 2019? Of course, anyone who submits a post like this idea that is rtegrl, which is Jimny.

The new Suzuki Jimny, a 20-year-old model, has become the world record holder in a modern automotive industry, created by three-month-old wooden elevators and six-month model changes.Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

Brmily it amazes me that there are areas in the store where not only visibility matters, but also that the best thing in the area is and we can take advantage of most of the services it provides.This is called a crypt, For example, I use Garmin only for navigation, smart solutions use only mmel-mm or nothing at all, where I usually move for my hobby or work; terrain, engine, repln.

Instead of a haptic display, a rustic display

Currently, if you want to get to a point on a difficult terrain and have a relatively small budget, you will usually find alternatives to Dacia Duster or Lada Niva (now called 4x4s). Br has off-road capability over the Duster SUV, but rather because of the glazing. And the Lada … can't really mention a single page with any modern terrain, not to mention faith.

The shipping bag and the sliding door are completely gone, but Suzukinl has not picked up on the solution previously favored by the SUV.Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

However, with the new Suzuki Jimny a new model has been introduced, which will fundamentally change the mindset of the category vsrin. I'm sure foresters, hunters, hookers, fishermen, farmers will look at Jimny well, because this is the carppen knows very well what we need less and after the week. Among what crimes are we in practice brhov.

The passenger compartment and the HMI of the center console are from Swift, but hey, the dashboard is mr-mr puritn. ppen is this clear style with such a carPhoto: Szab Gbor – Origo

In such cases, not only do dozens of control systems need to be installed on a rag screen, but they are well-known and well-known solutions that can be enhanced locally. Jimny's hovering up and stiff shaft without the load is exactly that. Of course, they have the disadvantage of being quite uncomfortable in daily use.

He is innocent on the bend, great at maneuvering

Short-term stability was even better in cars thirty years ago, and I was wondering several times if we weren't going to invest in the corner despite the slow time.The best thing is to not go fast with Jimny. Wherever you are, that is, in forests, in difficult terrain (but also in snowy cities), this danger is not very threatening and you will be much more in love with the weaknesses of car-building.

As a random car at most mid-range, the terrain is almost perfect (a smoother engine would be better), but really great as a bad guy. I never would have thought this was a ruin for Suzuki ever.Photo: Szab Gbor – Origo

Is it fair to ask that this simplified form does not make too much noise with auto-temp? Regardless of the looks, for me, Jim Jimmy was no taller than Duster or Niva, for example. However, it is more practical to travel in tight spaces and outdoors, and what is more important is that almost vertical windows have a much harder time warming up the passenger and today's cars.

The technique is simple: simple soldering iron, rigid heat exchanger, screw springs. The drive is cool by default, you can mechanically switch to it – with the split – the first drivePhoto: Szab Gbor – Origo

With one glance, your body can be filled and raised, where is the tip of the nose or back. Anyone who cares about a car that will hold the steering wheel and can admire the nose of the car (because I'm dealing with a lot of these things nowadays) will find Jimny in shape. This is because even the most inexperienced drivers are able to drive it easily. Custom shapes, it will not become a simple fashion but a seasonal icon pr ven bell.

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