Thursday , March 23 2023

Censorship of a feminist Hungarian organization for bikini girls, but gay propaganda didn't bother them


The Extremist Feminist Equal Foundation for Gender Ideology is protesting a "Red" advertisement of a Hungarian retail chain demanding that it be discontinued or modified in accordance with the demands of feminists. .

Most young girls dressed in red bikinis advertise a Hungarian chain of shops.

Video about this was shared on social media, here's why

extremist feminist, the Equalization Foundation for the Propagation of Sexual Ideology, began to believe. Specifically, they require the Hungarian retail chain to cease distributing advertisements or modify them to suit domestic feminists.

But they are not happy about it, but in a really ballistic way, they are screaming for censorship: they are calling on the CC, the MACSZ and the Consumer Protection Authority to do this if the advertiser does not withdraw the claim.

Heal Edina, one of the founders of the feminist organization, former head of US multi, Google Hungary, was announced by the announcement.

Associated with the Equation Foundation is Beáta Nagy, a university professor who has defended Gender Studies at Index and promoted the sexes of Soros University. But we also find Dederik Yvonne, the luxury wife of Viasat's reality show, and a photo from their website shows that Csaba Azurák is stuck with them after failing after a night on TV2 – to put it mildly – he didn't claim it.

Of course, the extremist feminist foundation, led by a leader of the American multitask, has not challenged another American multi-campaign, the #loveislove of Coca-Cola. It seems that the political propaganda of foreign multinational companies does not bother them, only the advertising of Hungarian companies in the traditional sense.

By the way, the feminist feminists attack (and lie) the image of the Hungarian commercial chain with what Coca-Cola really did: reference to sexuality, objectification, slander, who quotes them: it can confuse young people and have a detrimental effect on the mental health and mental development of the recipients.

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