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Football transfers are not exactly naked stories


Man plans, God acts – at least that's how we comfort ourselves and others when we fail as usual. This also applies to one of the most interesting segments of the football world, transfers. Wife, parent, intoxication, solarium, luxury car, kidnapping, death threat, greedy agent, dirt, broken fax machine, weaving boots, the word of the Lord, Icelandic volcano, maternal sex, anxiety, a couple of broken teeth, a rumor about HIV. Comrade, the Brazilian government, arrests, money laundering, dog breeding, fire brigade and Sharon Stone have all lost their transfer. OUR FOOTBALL HISTORY SERIES WORKS WITH MUCH CERTIFICATIONS.

I will be very happy … in England (Photos: AFP)

Not a disgusting truth at all
Robinho – Manchester United, Chelsea, 2008

The Brazilian wonder was shipped almost to England by Real Madrid's anxiously awaited, but tried unsuccessfully to trade it for Manchester United in 2008 with Cristiano Ronaldo, or at least include it in the purchase price. Robinho then wanted to leave Madrid, and he never dreamed that he would continue in Chelsea under the control of his compatriot Luiz Felipe Scolari, who according to Robinho wanted to build the London squad around his creativity. .

Chelsea director Peter Kenyon has offered a € 40 million offer to Spanish then-sports director Predrag Mijatovich, who has rejected it. The British raised a significant sum and the press said they had plunged to 60 million – and Agent Robinho announced that his defense would continue at Chelsea, but not at all three times the annual salary of six million euros.

Robinho once again made love to the Londoners – and then signed to Manchester City one day.

Scolari, however, was expecting his small favorite, Real retired, as his executives were very angry when Chelsea jerseys, known as Robinho, appeared before the deal, before a match against a North Korean team.

"That was the main reason I didn't become Chelsea, Real's pride offended the jerseys, but they also realized that Chelsea were in the Champions League and the other candidate, Manchester City, didn't. But I spent a nice year and a half there, although it was much colder than in Madrid, "sighed Robinho, who was rewarded by the City for tens of millions of euros a year for his lack of adventure in London. Robinho became the first big release for the city's new remote owners because , almost after the takeover, the first thing for the new superiors was to promise the Blue, and from this point of view the future must be appreciated.

Robinho says all about his elementary confusion that he introduced himself to City: "At the last minute, I got a big chunk of Chelsea, which I accepted."

And the Brazilian on the bench certainly didn't throw a good hot Chelsea jersey for angry City fans …

Almost, almost … (Source: Amazon)

There were times when he could only get one jersey for Manchester United: the PSV Arjen Robben Almost signed to the English, he visited Manchester, looked around the stadium, when Chelsea suddenly offered him two and a half times as much as Sir Alex Ferguson.

"For so much money, United can only get a dedicated, explosive jersey," they told Manchester from Eindhoven, where they also received it, with an offer of eighteen million euros from Londoners.

By August 2012, Werder Bremen had already agreed on everything with the young director of Karlsruhe, Hakan Calhanoglu, who also accepted the offer, along with his agent. "We already felt like Bremen, Hakan was very happy," Betas Demirtas later said, as soon as Karlsruhe's athletic director Oliver Kreuzer spoke with Kicker midfielder: "Yes, he went to Werder, but only got a jersey from Klaus Allofs , we did not agree with the price. "

He says a lot about Bremen's salinity that the much-paid Hamburg finally offered € 2.5 million for the player he handed over to Leverkusen for $ 14.5 million, which recently raised $ 21.3 million from Milan.

The Bulgarian To Vanaj Petev he was also employed by the slate: he was named head coach of the Levski Sophia in 2013, but at a debriefing press conference, the Dragons took off the Levski jersey and Petev immediately resigned. Not long after, he was comforted by his national team bench.

Belgium in 1980 Jean Ceulemans signed to Milan, waist-high management introduced him to the press during the Dutch classic, the World Cup double silver medalist René van de Kerkhof the He contracted with Lazio, the latter applying for his new team – and because of the serial furor scandal, both teams had to leave Serie A, and one foot down, they couldn't use legionaries.

Poor Van de Kerkhof left Real Madrid in 1979, although the deal was very, very close.

THE FELIANT ESPERANTO. Rafael van der Vaart In 2007, he agreed with his Hamburg executives to leave, Valencia's € 14 million offer proved to be good, and the midfielder had already presented his new club jersey. This turned out to be a bad omen because HSV fell on itself. Van der Vaart accused the North Germans of plundering, Valencia raised the price to 22 million, but to no avail. The sports director, former German national team Dietmar Beiersdorfer, with the help of FIFA and the German Football League, has closed Valencia, the Danish football agent Sören Lerby. Indeed, the player remained, and of course he received a Valencian jersey from his German teammates. Then, half a year later, he was flown to Real Madrid for $ 15 million … Van der Vaar later flirted with Ferencváros, acknowledging that they agreed, but almost.

Alexandre Pato he only had one jersey at the age of 16 at Hertha, who was sorry for $ 3.5 million (big boss Dieter Hoeness had a bad idea about the business and was right because Milan gave $ 24 million a year to Pato and the German could eat poison).

The big one Ronaldo he had to compromise with VfB slate instead of a Stuttgart contract, also as a teenager, when he needed a lot less yarn to do this. Ralf Rangnick personally traveled to the young man who could buy four million euros today. Two weeks later, Ronaldo became world champion, and PSV took the same amount to produce 54 goals in 57 games, a win and tens of millions. Rangnick left Stuttgart in the summer

The Romanian wanderer, Miodrag Belodedici was the first footballer to win the European Championships with two teams (Crvena zvezda, Steaua Bucuresti), entering both finals. In 1992 he was very close to Sampdoria, with a nice blue Samp jersey posing for photographers, but Valencia ultimately offered more.

Sallai Sándor – Real Oviedo, 1988

At least the above had a choice, with others … Alexander Sallai he was the most excellent Hungarian right-hand man of his time, his prisoner, and he was performing at European level in his better days. However, the Budapest Honvéd footballer – with only a few hundred associates – captured the furs of the eighties, and his overseas career saw the damage.

The five-time Hungarian champion, the 44-time national team Sallait, signed a contract with Real Oviedo in Spain in 1988 for three years for $ 6 million, but when football was about to leave its new bread tax (according to a city legend, it was actually took it home shortly after his departure), gentlemen in ballistic jackets quickly assigned Gyorskocsi utca as a new station.

Sallai had to kneel on corn for the champion point he bought from the Debrecen MVSC for $ 600,000 and fifty pounds of goose liver (!) And his playing rights were suspended for three years.

It is difficult to dispel his conviction that Sallai, with some of his associates, took the plunge instead of the more famous or lucky footballers … Sallai's punishment later diminished, so in Delémont, Switzerland (1990-1994) and Cornol (1994- 1995) Western World Cup.

Alexander Sallai (left) was the epitome of Hungarian football – here we see Canada at the 1986 World Cup

Salla's performance proved to be better than being named one of the top settlers in the 1984 fur scandal Attila Kovács, which had no chance at all. "Then Bayern Munich wanted to hire me, and now the shooting dog doesn't interest me," said the prominent goalkeeper. He retired from the Hungarian Cable team in 1990, although at the beginning of his Mezey era, between 1983 and 1984, he appeared seven times in Team A in Csepel.

Even a larger ex-patriot shuddered with the fur coat: when the cool Lajos Kocsis Thirty-five years ago, he was ready for the final big launch and would assure Nyíregyháza, his career was swept by the explosive photo scandal.

Abroad, there is some serious suspicion: at the 1978 World Cup, the Argentine hosts desperately needed a side victory over Peru, in which the Argentine (!) Al Ramón Quiroga, Peruvian goalkeeper. He should have four, get six – the gate keeper assured him of his innocence in an open letter, but the New York cosmos has canceled his contract. However, in America, Quiroga would be defended by Franz Beckenbauer and Carlos Alberto … Sporting Cristal. Peru.

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